Is Private Tuition Or Learning In A Group Better For Learning?

Students these days genuinely feel that tuition is almost essential to aid their education. Learning is no longer the same as it was a decade ago. Now the quality and level of talent in the corporate landscape has changed drastically. Hence education has evolved as well.


What’s the big deal?

Education in this day and age prepares students to specialize in specific fields. Students are compelled to stay ahead of the curve all the time. This system is complex for students and they may inevitably feel helpless many times. They would feel suffocated and unable to work within the time they have in their hands.




This is one of the biggest differences between the tutoring center and one-one-one tutoring indeed. In one-on-one tuition, there is a comparatively smaller student to teacher ratio and this is an important factor that allows students to be so much more focused during lessons as there are no sources of distractions around them.

In this aspect, the downside to a tuition center is that, with many students, there is a high chance of undue distractions which could cause students’ attention to unnecessarily deviate, and tutors may even waste their precious time disciplining them to maintain a conducive learning environment.


Every student is unique and has different learning needs as well as different strengths and weaknesses. In private tuition, a tutor will be able to give personalized guidance and this is a huge advantage. Tutors will change their teaching methods and style, as well as their teaching techniques in order to suit their students.

Whereas in tuition centers, a tutor could only possibly use certain strategies to help students with slower learning pace to catch up. An example could be grouping the slightly weaker students together and allocating the stronger students to each of these groups for peer guidance.


Students who attend private home tuition often can do it from the comfort of their own homes. This is a particularly convenient option for upper secondary and junior college students who have to spend a lot of their time in schools due to various other commitments beyond academics.




Sometimes the journey may seem lonely and students may feel helpless when the going gets tough. That is when they may look out for support and when it comes to group tuition, students can see their struggle in their peers as well and there will be a sense of relief that no one is alone in the struggle. The sense of support will keep students going when if things get tough.


Tutors, in general, give their students the confidence to believe in the possibility of improving and excelling. It indeed takes lots of time and effort for all of it to manifest itself in the form of good results, but tutors understand that being patient and working with determination is crucial.

Group tuition tutors also choose to imbibe important values by sharing stories and personal experiences with their small group of students. This keeps the lessons interesting and joyful!


It is ultimately what a student feels comfortable with. Some students prefer private tuition to get customized feedback, while others just do not enjoy the attention and prefer attending lessons with other students. Whatever it may be, group tuition and private tuition have their own advantages and it is up to the students to choose what is best for them!