What Mistakes Should Students Avoid During A Tuition Session?

The sole purpose of signing up for tuition is to seek the extra help and customised teaching that cannot be gained from school. It is a well-known fact that this kind of attention and care cannot be gained from school because one teacher cannot divide his or her attention equally for everyone. It becomes challenging to know each and all student’s strengths and weaknesses in depth, unlike in the setting for a tuition.

Students need to be able to make the best out of their tuition session because everything being taught there will certainly value-add. However, there are some common mistakes that students make which curbs them from gaining the benefits completely.

Here are some of the mistakes that’s made and how one can avoid them!

Taking Notes

Students do not have a complete idea of how notes should be taken. Students often feel pressurised to write down everything that is being said. However, one should keep in mind that it is even more important to observe, listen carefully and internalise the concept being taught then and there.

{Source: Britishcouncil}

Only high yield points and terms that seem new should be noted down and this should be used as reference to revise when students go back home. When taking notes, one would divide his attention in between listening and writing.

If too much of focus is put into writing what is being heard, one will not be able to be an effective listener. This may seem complex, but note-taking is a skill that comes with lots of practice. Overtime, students can master this, and a good student must be a master of this skill.


It is absolutely important for students to be focused during a tuition session. The most common problems that act as a barrier to being focused are physical and mental fatigue. After a long day at school, one could be mentally and physically exhausted, both of which will act as distractions.

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Moreover, an unhealthy eating habit would end up putting one to sleep instead of keeping them awake. This will also be a huge distraction. Thus, students need to be able to choose the right food, make some healthy lifestyle choices and keep their body in tune with themselves.

Falling asleep or being exhausted during a tuition session will be counterproductive. One needs to do everything that is necessary to be distraction-free and remain focused during that tuition session.


In tuition sessions, tutors may give some assignments and homework and set deadlines for them. The important thing about deadlines is that, they need to be met, with due diligence. Students need to be disciplined enough to do all it takes to produce the work assigned, within the time frame assigned, without compromising on the quality in anyway.

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Students who do not take deadlines seriously just because it’s their tuition assignment(since saying an excuse may seem easier in tuition centres), would suffer a great loss in their learning. Whether one is a smart individual or not does not determine their ability to achieve success; it is solely dependent on their discipline and determination in setting out to do the necessary.

Questions & Answers

The common mistakes that students make is to carry this fear of asking question within themselves. This is an unhealthy habit which deprives students of their ability to learn effectively. One should never fear being judged by their tuition teacher for asking the questions in their mind.

Some questions are genuine misconceptions whereas other questions would reflect students’ lack of observation of listening skills because some of the answers to those questions would have been mentioned during class.

ask questions
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Hence, it is necessary for students to listen carefully during class, internalise the concepts being taught, revise them at home, try solving a question or two and then if questions start arising in one’s mind, that is a cue that indicates that is can be flagged out for clarification.

One must always learn to help themselves, before they seek help from others. This is an important value that one should keep in mind and abide by at all times!