Reasons why your child may need Tuition In Singapore

A polymath in the Indian Cine industry, Dr. Kamal Hassan, once said in one of his interviews, “The ascent of a man is because of his curiosity”. It is indeed true that the best way for one to gain knowledge and widen his or her horizon is to ask questions. It doesn’t stop with asking questions, because those questions have to be answered as well. Students may have many questions burning deep inside them to ask during lesson time and sometimes they will not be able to ask them because of fear of slowing down the class for others or because the lesson schedule is too tight for students to ask questions.

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Considering the number of students in each class, it is also difficult for school teachers to address each of their doubts during class. Students can try to arrange consultations but sometimes it is hard to find common time slots between the busy schedules of both the teachers and the students. Even if consultations are arranged successfully, school teachers are generally not specifically trained for 1 to 1 teaching and these consultations may not be very effective. Fortunately, tuition teachers, especially home tutors, are specially trained for addressing the students’ doubts and helping students to clear misconceptions. As a parent, you may not exactly realise why tuition is good for your child, but the effects of it can be seen gradually over a period of time. The questions that students were unable to ask during school lesson time can be clarified during tuition classes. This can help to save a lot of trouble and time for the student as there will be no need to try to arrange consultations and sacrifice break times.

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Sometimes, the practice papers given out in school are too easy as compared to graded assignments and also can be too few to be able to prepare for assessments properly. This would be the case though everyone knows that national examinations will be challenging in nature. Practice papers that can be found online are generally not useful as the concepts and types of questions in the practice papers can differ drastically from school assessments (online tuition assessments are exceptions). Going for tuition classes ensures that students will receive the adequate practice that they need to do well in their assessments. Tuition teachers have the ability and knowledge to prepare assignments that are relevant to the topics taught in school. Moreover, they can personalise the assignments based on the students’ strengths and weaknesses. For example, tuition teachers can choose to set assignments such that it tests the topics that the students are weak in. This can help them learn the methods to answer these types of questions and this practice will help them become much stronger in these topics.

School teachers have to deal with 30+ students at the same time and it is impossible for them to satisfy everyone’s learning pace. Because of this, both slower students and faster students will be at a disadvantage. Slower students will not be able to catch up to what the teacher is teaching while faster students will get bored of the lesson too easily. This may result in many students misunderstanding or even completely not understanding the topics taught during the lesson. The lessons taught by tuition teachers, especially private tutors, are very flexible. If a student is not understanding what the tutor is teaching, the tutor can easily change the pace of the lesson appropriately. They have the ability to personalize the lessons that they prepare and this can students to effectively learn new concepts.

ALL IN ALL, tuition lessons are effective in helping students learn when they fail to understand lessons taught in school. It is easy for students to clarify doubts with them and the assignments that tutors give will be valuable in students’ development.