Simple techniques to help students grab Mathematical Skills

Mathematics is generally regarded as a subject which is fun and its as equally challenging. For some students, this “challenging” element gives excitement and joy, while for others, it causes fear and anxiety. Approaching Mathematics with enthusiasm is very important and this may not be practically possible for everyone since not all students have the innate quality to perform well in math or even be able to like it as a subject for that matter.

Source: Hodder education

Mathematics is utilised in every facet of our life, and without it, almost everything is impossible. This is probably also the reason why mathematics is an extremely important subject and is a prerequisite to the entrance of many courses in the university, to get hold of good subject combinations when moving on from secondary level 2 to 3 or when entering junior college.

So, here are some simple tips to follow in order to pick up essential math skills!


Some interests are innate while others are cultivated. There is nothing wrong about cultivated interests and in fact, it is important to learn how to do this in order to get past many things in our life which may seem unpleasant. Sparking an interest in Mathematics can be done through learning simple math concepts through fun activities. Here’s an example…
Game: Sugar cube tower

Source: Live the adventure letter

Things needed: Sugar cubes, pencil, paper

How to play the game?
For a rectangular prism, length x width x height = volume.
1. Using sugar cubes, build a rectangular prism of any size.
2. Count and record the dimensions of the rectangular prism and measure how many sugar cubes long, high and wide is it?
3. Move on to substitute recorded dimensions into the volume formula for a rectangular prism and record the answer.
4. Try this with different shapes and sizes to get comfortable with the topic.

Teachers can employ this method of introducing activities to make learning math more fun and this is the first step to walk the path of success in performing well for Math.