singapore mathematics

Pros & Cons Of Doing Singapore Math

Adaptation of the education system to suit the continuous progress (in terms of the world economy and globalisation) has become necessary in this day and age because that is the only successful way to churn out a talented and efficient workforce. Math is a fundamental subject and acts as the basis for numerous career options

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Singapore Math

Benefits of Hiring Private Math Tutor in Singapore

Singapore Math syllabus is developed around the idea that learning to problem-solve through higher order or critical thinking and developing keen analytic is the key factors to being successful in math. The development of mathematical problem-solving ability is dependent on five inter-related components which are, understanding of concepts, development of skills, processes and internalising information,

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Positive Effects of Online Games

Positive Effects of Online Games That Help Students Become Skillful

Video game aficionados get so engrossed in their game that they somehow block the external environment and feel that their play space is as important and vivid as the “Real World” outside. Researchers at CSU have recently revealed that afore-stated absorptive instances in right circumstances can actually have positive results, offering tremendous mental health benefits. Take a look at how this is made possible.