Singapore University cyber-attack raises questions on Internet Security

The university is claiming that the hackers have allegiance to the Islamic State (ISIS). The hacked website displayed message which reads, “Hacked by Islamic State (ISIS) – we are everywhere,” with a smiley emoticon. The militant group’s flag was also displayed, depicting the obvious sign of the attackers.

Cyber Attack

Due to this, the website had to be taken offline for a day. “Curtin University became aware on Sunday that its Curtin Singapore website was defaced and immediately disabled the website,” said Mr. Ian Callahan,
corporate services vice-president at the University, in response to various media queries.
The university officials also stated that they were able to resolve the issue within a day and the website was back online by mid-afternoon on Monday. Moreover, police complaint was also filed soon after the prestigious academy got aware of the cyber attack.

 Now, the website is back on track without any threat. But, this incident has indeed raised questions on cyber security and proved that terror groups have eye on different renowned institutions around the world. Is it time to start looking for more advanced versions for internet security? Is big data safe on online platforms? Are new software technologies competent enough to fight these privacy breaches?

Well, these questions certainly ring a bell and the writing is already on the wall. The world is heading towards the land where evildoers are raising their ugly heads and necessary safety measures need to be taken in time to protect online security.