Singapore’s little master wins the IM title

A recent example of the 15 year old Tin Jingyao who has attained the IM title which is the second highest honor for chess after the Grandmaster(GM) ranking 30th in the world and has become the second youngest Singaporean to be honored with this title. And this even doesn’t stop him, he is targeting the GM before he turns 18.

 Singapore’s little master wins the IM title
Singapore’s little master wins the IM title

Singapore came up with 124 players in the Asian chess competition who can turn out to be masters of the game.

Finally they turned out with 11 gold medals, 11 silver medals and 22 bronze as well. And among the top performances there was once again a Singaporean Lee Qing Aun who won the gold.
So, not just in promoting their players but also in organizing many championships such as the Asian international youth chess, Singapore has left no stone unturned.
Success doesn’t happen overnight

It has been Singapore’s years of consistent efforts and investment in its human resources that has resulted in today’s success.

• In Singapore it’s from right from the school days such training begins. Not just education but sports and games are made an important part of the curriculum and this definitely helps to perform better in studies rather being a book worm whole day.

• Sports are not just offered in schools and many of such events take place around the year to encourage students to be a part of it. Along with training and sponsors to the upcoming talent which boosts up the confidence of the players. This is one reason why they have gone higher in the rankings.
• Second reasons goes as although Singapore is a hub for water sports and tourism still it doesn’t let its talent go away with the leisure. It has paid due attention to each rising talent be it education or sports.