Singapore’s Six-Week Christmas Celebration

Christmas in Singapore is celebrated as a temporal festival. The celebrations here are marked by decorating the entire place with heavy Christmas lights followed by substantial shopping, full entertainment. Though Singapore is situated in the tropics, you will still see Santa all dressed in full furs to brighten up your Christmas spirit.

Christmas in Singapore

Here’s what Singapore has in store for you this Christmas!

Living Singapore’s Christmas Spirit

Christmas is the time when Singapore is decorated with outstanding light shows, displayed at the city’s prime entertainment and shopping districts. The very famous Orchard Road and the streets of Marina Bay are much tromped by the crowds, where they can enjoy some mesmerizing light show visuals. The adjoining malls and shopping centers on the other hand are kept opened for extended hours offering special deals to attract its tourist visitors.

Singapore Christmas Light-Up

  • Orchard Road Christmas Light-Up:

Orchard Road Christmas Light-U

This is a mesmerizing light up show that extends from over Tanglin to Concorde Hotel. This year the light up starts off from 23rd November till 5th January 2014.

  • Marina Bay Christmas Light-Up:

Marina Bay Christmas Light-Up 

The main features of this light up includes about 30 fully decorated “ChaiTrees,” which sparkle and glow with full décor and illuminate the Promenade at the Marina Bay Waterfront right after 7pm. This year the light up starts on 15th November and ends on 27th December, 2013.

Christmas events In Singapore

The nights of Singapore will rock form 17th December to 25th December with the nightly performances for all enthusiastic crowds out in the streets of merry making. Majority of these performances are set to take place at different places– the first one right in front of the Tong Building, second near the Wism Atria and the third at the Mandarian Gallery.

Tourist Promotions and Shopping in Singapore

Shopping is one of the prime activities in Singapore during the Christmas season. The shopping malls in Singapore offer great deals and discounts, designed to elevate the Christmas spirit. Tourists are specifically lured into tax free shopping in Singapore as they get benefited by redeeming of paying shopping at the time they leave the country.

As part of the Global Blue Promotion, tourists who shop in Singapore between 23rd November and 5th January can request for a refund on their taxes on shopping purchases. Also, if you are lucky enough, you may win a trip back to Singapore again. To qualify for this scheme, you are required to shop for at least SGD 100 by utilizing either MasterCard, or shop for about SGD 200 by making use of any other mode of payment. Thereafter by using Global Blue eTRS ticket gets your tax refund.

The Christmas New Year Parties at Singapore

 New Year and Christmas Singapore

Singapore celebrates New Year and Christmas by holding various parties, one at the Esplanade waterfront and Marina Bay and two others on Sentosa Island. ZoukOut is Singapore’s most awaited and longest running musical dance festival which is to be held on the Siloso Beach, Sentosa in between 13th and 14th December.

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