Smaller groups- Greater care!

More and more parents are enrolling their kids in childcare centres at a younger age. In the last six years, an exponential rise has been observed in the admissions, approx. by 50 per cent.

Your child is going to a pre-school, is he doing well there? Above all, is he getting personal attention from the staff? Well, if you haven’t considered this important factor then, it is high time to do so. Meanwhile, one of the largest pre-school operators at NTUC First Campus has decided to work on this. Having 138 childcare centres and nearly 6,000 infants and toddlers, the operators will now allocate one teacher to every two to three infants.


Earlier to this, few teachers were responsible for 12 to 15 children as per the industry norm. The best thing about this new idea is that it will not change the teacher-pupil ratio but benefit the students with proper attention. This idea is the outcome of the study by the Lien Foundation which proved that one dedicated teacher to every two to three infants is better than the previous arrangement. It was also found that one main teacher stays more confident, independent, happier, and has better involvement in the class. Thus, after this, it can be expected that the students will get better attention.

Here is a list of benefits that students will get from this change:

1: It will help the child to grow in a unique way

Every child is unique and has his/her own interests and needs. Giving them personal attention, one gets a quality time to spend with them and become more aware of the child’s passions and talents. Moreover, he/she feels understood too!

2: Develops a richer relationship

Knowing the child’s interests, strengths and requirements, it becomes easier to plan the activities and support them. This way it helps you to build a strong relationship with children and make them feel personal.

3: Creates an open line of communication

It will provide a chance to talk more and understand more. A better communication channel will be built up among the teacher and students. Sharing some words of encouragement, they will be able to provide a better opportunity to improve themselves.