Ways to Find Tutoring Jobs in Singapore

Former president of India, Dr. APJ Abdul kalam once said that “Teaching is a noble profession that shapes the character, calibre, and the future of an individual“; which is an undeniable truth. In this day and age, there is a very small percentage of youngsters who would want to pursue teaching as a career because it is a challenging profession and it doesn’t offer the kind of pay it deserves, nor does it give the comfort and allow one to enjoy some perks which other professions can offer.

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The youngsters who are indeed interested in finding tutoring jobs do not know how to go about doing it. The process to become a conventional school teacher is pretty clear cut; you get trained at the NIE (National Institute of Education), go for your interview, go through your practicum, etc. The Ministry of Education takes care of all those processes and the only thing you would have to worry about is giving your best during each checkpoint. However, becoming a private tutor is a whole new ballgame altogether and one needs to know a few strategies and try out some ideas in order to build a successful career gradually.

Steps To Finding Good Tutoring Jobs


You cannot just wake up to a few tuition jobs without doing anything to promote yourself. You need to find the proper platform, a good tuition agency to promote yourself. In such tuition agency websites, there will be many viewers as students and parents will browse for tutors and look through the hundreds of profiles to determine which will be the best for them. Do your own little research and find out the best few tuition agencies in Singapore and set up your profile in those websites. Your association with good tuition agencies will help you become more visible to others out there and that will be a good starting point to your career as a tutor.


We have established the fact that your first step to finding a good tutoring job is to associate yourself with good tuition agencies. Moving on from there, you need to be able to set up a good tutor profile in order to be convincing. Apart from filling in the obvious details about your educational qualifications and area of expertise, you have to write a tutor description or a personal statement about yourself, your expectations and about everything you can offer. This is the real deal.

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It’s a matter of ‘‘selling’’ yourself by writing self-praising sentences about your prowess (it’s awkward to do it but you have no choice), about how genial you are as an individual, and about how you possess all the necessary qualities that benefit a great tutor. Remember that on the internet, just like you, there are thousands of tutors who have the profiles set up, hoping to attract students as well. You need to incorporate reasons into your write-up as to why you are the kind of tutor students are looking for. The kind of vocabulary you utilise matters as it gives an accurate MacroView as to what kind of a tutor you are.

Have conviction in the personal statement you write, which should radiate a sense of trustworthiness, portray you as the committed and responsible home tutor (which you have to live up to when you get the job!)


It is essential to remain truthful to all that you have said about yourself in your personal statement in your tutor profile. The parents who have hired you would have high hopes and trust which should not be shattered by irresponsible actions. Being extremely professional is the key to building a strong career because professionalism requires one to imbibe values like punctuality, integrity, patience, resilience etc. This will pave the right path for you and over time you will see yourself rise.


By following the tips mentioned above, you will be thankful for your precocity on this subject matter and this will push to another stratosphere in your tutoring career! One thing to remember though is that patience is essential; nothing happens overnight.