Strategies to Enhance Your Child’s Concentration While Studying

Singaporean parents have long held a dream of providing their children with the best possible education and setting them up for success in life.

This includes having aspirations for their children to excel academically, master key skills, and forge a successful career path for themselves. A crucial part of achieving this dream is to ensure that the child has good concentration while studying.

Children Studying


 The Singapore Education System

The Singapore education system is renowned for its rigorous examination standards and academic demands. Despite the country’s world-renowned educational excellence, students often struggle to stay focused and maintain their concentration while studying.

The high stress levels associated with exams, assessments, and tests can easily sap the energy of a student, making it difficult for them to stay focused and productive. This challenge is compounded by the fact that Singapore has one of the world’s most competitive education systems, where expectations are extremely high for both students and teachers.

The Distractions

To complicate matters further, many of today’s students are constantly exposed to an array of digital distractions in the form of smartphones, computers, and other gadgets, making it increasingly difficult for them to remain on task.

Distractions in study


Singapore’s small size means there is a finite amount of resources available when it comes to seeking out help such as private tutors or home tuition centres. This can place considerable pressure on students who need extra help but have difficulty accessing those resources.

As such, parents play an important role in helping their children maintain concentration while studying to excel in their studies and reach their full potential. Strategies such as,

  • setting attainable goals can help keep children motivated
  • establishing a study routine can encourage organisation
  • providing rewards as incentives helps ensure consistency
  • engaging with educational enrichment activities is beneficial
  • creating a distraction-free learning environment provides focus
  • supplementing learning with private tutors or home tuition services gives children access to additional assistance when needed.

By utilising these strategies towards enhancing your child’s concentration while studying, you will be better prepared to provide your child with the necessary support they need on their academic journey.

Importance of Concentration

Good concentration skills are essential for your child to succeed in their studies. Concentration is the ability to focus on a single task or activity without being distracted by other things. This skill enables students to comprehend and retain more information, leading to improved academic performance.

It can be challenging for children to concentrate on their studies at home due to distractions like television, computer games, and even family members. To help your child enhance their concentration skills while studying, here are some helpful strategies:

Have Them Create a Schedule:

Scheduling study time helps keep children focused and motivated. Creating a plan of when they should study each subject and for how long can help them stay organized and committed. Your child should also set goals with rewards that they can look forward to after reaching their targets.


Minimize Distractions:

It is important to create a distraction-free environment for your child while studying. This includes turning off the TV or radio, setting boundaries with family members who are in the same room as your little one, and silencing any ringing phones or devices not being used for studying purposes.

Incorporate Breaks:

Allowing your child regular breaks gives them an opportunity to refresh their minds and relax before diving back into their work again with full concentration. Encouraging physical activities like walking or playing outdoors during these breaks can also be beneficial for them as it will help energize their mind and body when they return to studying again.

Take regular Break


Invest in Home Tuition/Private Tutors:

Private tuition can be extremely beneficial for students who have difficulty focusing on their studies at home due to outside distractions or lack of guidance from parents or guardians who may not specialize in the subject matter being taught at school.

Private tutors provide personalized attention tailored towards helping improve concentration while studying as well as offering assistance in understanding concepts that the student may not have fully grasped during class time at school.

Overall, having effective concentration skills is key for a student’s academic success; hence, it’s important that parents invest enough time and effort into helping their children develop this skill further while also providing an atmosphere conducive towards learning such as hiring private tutors or investing in home tuition services if needed so that students have access to the resources they need when studying from home.