Studies + Sports = A better Future!

She is just 20 years and has won a silver medal at the Youth Olympics and SEA Games. Yes, it is about Isabelle Li, the tennis star and the only poly grad awarded with government scholarships this year. Being the only recipient from a polytechnic to clinch the Public Service Commission (PSC), Li sets an example for others. Do you know she scored a grade point average of 3.98 out of 4 last year?
Well, it is not an impossible task. All you need is dedication, passion and time management.

Studies + Sports = A better Future!

If you wish to make a true balance between sports and studies, here are some useful tips. Have a sneak peek:

Organizing your day:

It is the first step to success. You can use a big desk calendar to manage both, school and sports. Note your important dates for submission of schoolwork, projects, etc. Also include your sports practice timing and don’t forget to revisit your calendar for some corrections (if any).

Managing your time:

It is not easy to compete. For this, you need to plan your time schedule, dividing them into school time, game and practice time. Make sure you keep some time for the travel time, inclusive of the time required for coming to and from school, practices and other events. Doing so, you will be able to determine the actual homework time and study time.

Plan for the week:

After day and time, it’s the week’s turn to be planned well. The desk calendar can help you with this. Start with making a list of scheduled tests, projects, practices and games for the week. Divide the week partially for when you need to study and what to study. Keep to the same pattern for your sports. When it comes to weekends, be wiser. For example, you can start with homework for the upcoming week, advanced reading of chapters, etc. Moreover, start planning for the next week. Isn’t that great!

Say ‘no’ to procrastination:

You got an assignment? Do it as soon as possible. Don’t keep putting things off for the next day. Waiting for the last minute will lead you nowhere. Whether it is about your homework or sports practices, it is better to carry out your work on time, rather than lagging behind for long.

Following the above tips, things will become easier for you and you will be able to excel in both fields simultaneously!