The peaks and troughs of studying Additional mathematics

Additional mathematics is a subject that is not as challenging as it sounds, but it is definitely not easy as well. Like every other subject, it requires a strong understanding of the concepts as well as lots of practice. There are many challenges while learning the subject and it is also equally as rewarding. For students who have no idea of what they can expect from Additional Mathematics as a subject, they may feel apprehensive about taking it up when moving on from lower secondary to upper secondary.

So, here are some of the challenges and ways to overcome them in studying Additional mathematics, as well as the benefits of learning the subject!


Studying every topic in isolation is one of the biggest mistakes made by students. Additional Mathematics tuition teachers do a great job in equipping students with the skill of looking at a bigger picture, beyond the formulas given in the topic. Some tutors would even go a step further to show the derivation of the formulas for students to understand why it’s even being used, to begin with.

For example, the topics of differentiation and integration would seem like exact opposites. Differentiation is used to study the small change of a quantity with respect to unit change of another while integration is used to add small and discrete data. Comprehending the purpose of the topics enable a deeper understanding and students are less likely to forget them.


When entering into the world of Additional mathematics, students need to get comfortable with more and more unknowns and variables in their questions and answers. Working out mathematical problems without actual numbers and juggling with unknowns like ‘x’ and ‘y’ all the way can seem intimidating.

The best way to get past this fear and excel is to seek the help of Additional mathematics tuition teachers and school teachers. They have the expertise and knowledge to introduce concepts to students in a subtle way so that students don’t get intimidated by the subject. Taking small “baby steps” is essential to transition smoothly from beginner to intermediate to advanced level.


Many students make the mistake of being in denial that they do not require help, with the main reason being the feeling that seeking help may make them look weak. Seeking help and guidance is in fact a smart decision as not everyone can achieve excellence all by themselves by beavering away with assessment books and practice papers.

In fact, with a good O level math tuition teacher, students will be able understand why they are learning what they are being taught. Most of us study to pass the exams but never think about its practical use and the purpose of the concepts being learnt. The theory is important but the application is more important.

When learning Additional mathematics, it automatically stretched your cord of vision and provides a perspective beyond the textbook. Good tutors will explain the application and its importance in real-life. This may inspire students to even think about setting their career in that path.


There are many tuition agencies out there with affordable fees that provide quality math and additional mathematics tuition and hence quality guidance is something that students and parents need not worry about.

The true challenge when it comes to excelling in additional mathematics is maintaining the discipline to practice every day and to also stay persistent and determined to learn new concepts, revisit them frequently and to also critically think about their purpose and application. All this does not occur overnight; lots of effort and commitment is needed, and that is beyond a shadow of a doubt!