The Transition from Primary to Secondary School: What to Expect?

It’s over! Following all the stress that encircles tuition, revision and everything in between, PSLE examinations can finally be put behind as your child moves towards their secondary education and start an entirely new chapter of their school life. The feeling is probably a blend of excitement and intimidation. After all, adapting to a new routine isn’t always easy. Your child has just spent the last 6 years getting used to everything required to successfully wrap up their primary school journey, and just the thought of setting sail on a new chapter alone can be incredibly overwhelming to some.

That said, it’s imperative that parents act as their pillar of strength and support during this stretch, ensuring that they find their stride. For that to happen, parents must know what to expect. 

Curriculum changes

One of the most significant changes that parents should be concerned about is the difference in curriculum. In primary school, the curriculum pivots around four main subjects, namely: English Language, Mother Tongue Language, Mathematics and Science. But once your child steps into secondary school, all these changes. Rather than merely dealing with English, Mother Tongue, Mathematics and Science, your child will have to juggle with around eight or nine subjects, along with the introduction to new humanities subjects like History, Geography, Literature and more. For sure, the workload is a far cry from what they experience in primary school.

Above all, the lessons for the aforementioned core subjects are also taught at a faster pace and requires more higher-order thinking. For instance, the primary school English education focuses on grammar fundamentals, whereas secondary school’s English evaluates students’ grasps of the language. Students will start to find the need to carry out editing, situational writing, freewriting, visual text analysis, narrative and non-narrative text writing once they set foot in secondary school.

If you’re concerned about your child’s language development, you may need to consider supplementing their learning with tuition classes.

Increased commitment

Longer school hours for studies and Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) are par for the course when it comes to secondary school.

One of the best things about CCAs is that they provide your child with opportunities to broaden their learning and contribute to the school in all sorts of ways. Some of these activities may have prevailed in their primary education, but unlike then, CCAs are mandatory for secondary students as they are perceived as a key component of students’ holistic education.

While these allow them to find their interests and pick up new skills, it also translates to higher commitments level and longer school hours. All in all, it’s a different ball game altogether.

How can you support your child?

Teach your child time management skills

Every child is unique. Hence, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to dealing with them. However, a universal skill that all students need to learn is time management. According to Lynn Meltzer, PhD, president of the Research Institute for Learning and Development, “When we teach children strategies for time management from an early age, they internalise them, which sets them up for lifelong success.”

As parents, it’s important to empower our children with the autonomy to control their own time and manage their own schedule. Start by allowing them to establish a routine that works best for them. This helps them create order in academic pursuits. Remember – what works for you might not be the best for them.

Form parents-tutor partnership

It’s always a great idea to establish an open-channel relationship with your child’s tutors. By demonstrating to your children that they can trust their tutors, because you do, it enables them to feel good and positive about learning, which then contributes to their overall success in school.

If you’re in search of a dedicated tutor to guide you and your child through the transition from primary to secondary school, ChampionTutor is the perfect platform for you. At ChampionTutor, our learning ecosystem creates an adaptable and resourceful environment, empowering children from all walks of life to realise their full potential.