Tips to study for A-Level General Paper Exam?

General paper A-Level is certainly not an easy subject. It is something that almost all students struggle with in Junior College. It is especially challenging because the spike in difficulty level in English from Secondary school (O-Level standard) to A-Level standard is huge. Students are often confused as to what steps they can take in order to push themselves forward.

So, here are some tips that students can follow to develop their writing and reading skills to keep up with the rigour…


Students should get use to the habit of writing down their main point as well as counter arguments in short forms. They maybe draw out a mind-map or a summary on what the essays’ content will be before starting to write on their answer paper.

This may seem like tedious work; however, it provides so much clarity to one’s writing. It acts as a good platform for children to check on their logical flow in the essay. Misinterpreting a question and writing an essay with that misunderstanding is such a grave mistake and unfortunately students fall into that problem unknowingly. Taking note of key words and understanding the question requirement is essential.


Watching documentaries and the News channels is part of your learning process. Whereby you need to listen with focus, and draw your attention to the way information is being phrased succinctly without beating around the bush. It does not just stop at you listening, you need to put your knowledge into practice. That is the way you get better at the language. It becomes easier for you to come up with arguments in writing essays. You won’t be taken aback by new vocabulary words as well!


As you read (it may be a book, an article, a journal or anything else), it is important to look out for the way sentences are structured. The kind of words that are being used, and the way sentences are phrased succinctly.

Start reading simple news articles written by journalists in CNN, BBC, RT. Keep in mind to read alternative sources since articles can be biased and one-side opinion laden. It is of utmost importance to be up-to-date with current affairs in order to write credible essays with many apt examples to support your arguments. 


Learning to master skills for General Paper through home tuition (one-on-one) is especially useful. Because the tutor’s attention is completely on that student. Hence, the tutor can assess the student’s abilities and capacity and teach according to the student’s strengths and weaknesses. With the extra work load from tuition as well, it can be extremely exhausting. You need to keep yourself motivated throughout the journey and never give up; determination and persistence is crucial to keep you going!


If you enjoy what you do, you will achieve success and there is no doubt about it. The efforts will remain consistent that way and you will able keep yourself moving forward no matter how tough it may seem. 


It is undeniable that Junior College journey is challenging. But it is up to students to be tenacious and work towards their goal without fear. Following the tips given, as well as attending General Paper tuition will help students push themselves to get good results in the A levels for sure!