Top 13 Martial Arts classes for kids in Singapore

Martial arts is an excellent form of mental and physical training for all ages. With travel restrictions now, it is challenging to find activities to occupy your hyper-active kids. Signing them up for some martial arts classes can be a great way to let loose and have fun. Below are top 13 martial art classes for kids in Singapore.

Evolve MMA

For Mixed Martial Arts 

For those that do not know, Evolve MMA is touted as one of Asia’s highly comprehensive and the best martial arts gym. It offers a multitude of classes ranging from Brazilian jiu-jitsu, muay Thai, boxing, submission grappling, street self-defence and wrestling. These classes are inclusive, catering to adults and children. Parents can consider exploring the Little Samurai Children’s Programme, a programme that was the brainchild of a Harvard graduate. The programme prides itself as having the ability to cultivate children’s critical thinking process through exposure to the various types of martial arts classes.

Evolve MMA has many outlets so for those interested, pick the nearest outlet and go burn some calories!

Where: various outlets at Orchard Central, Far East Square, KINEX and Clarke Quay Central 


For Judo/Grappling/Sambo

Jagsport prides itself as the leading service provider for judo, grapping and sambo classes for both children and adults. Instructors are well equipped with more than 20 years of coaching and competitive successes and period background checks are performed to ensure their legitimacy. Programs can also be customised and tailored to your individual needs. 

Where: 340-B King George’s Ave 

Juggernaut Fight Club

For Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Dutch kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts 

Juggernaut Fight Club is a one of a kind MMA club. This MMA club follows not just one, but six martial disciplines of Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Dutch kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). This club is perfect for super active kids under the age of 16 who just want to work on physical conditioning and their technical skills!

Where: 33D Hong Kong Street

Sports Silat Academy 

For Silat 

Across Singapore, there are a total of 20 affiliates and 32 Silat clubs that conduct Silat lessons. Silat is a unique form of martial arts that originated from Malaysia. It is more on the violent side of martial arts and focuses on defence rather than attack.

Sports Silat Academy was established with the aim of promoting a healthy lifestyle and inculcating positive character building through silat sporting activities among children, youths and adults in Singapore. At Sports Silat Academy, kids will be taught how to defend themselves and improve their mental and emotional strengths in a fun-filled yet safe learning environment.

Where: 7 Kaki Bukit Ave 3

JR Muay Thai 

For Muay Thai

Worried about your kid encountering bullies in school? Fret not. Signing your kid up for some muay thai lessons might be a good option. JR Muay Thai is definitely ideal for children aged six and above and you will see improvements in your child’s attitude such as developing discipline, focus, and mental strength.  Through acquiring the basic boxing and kicking techniques, they will build strong minds and healthy bodies.

Where: Raffles Place, Geylang and Jurong 

Singapore Judo Club 

For Judo

Judo is a sport of unarmed combat derived from ju-jitsu and it involves using holds and leverage to unbalance the opponent. Judo is a Japanese martial arts practice and when translated means ‘gentle way’. It is a popular combat sport which is worth learning from young. Singapore Judo Club is a long standing and reputable judo club in the country. It is a non-profit organisation managed by volunteers, including passionate and certified instructors who lead both the adults and kids’ classes. Parents should be assured that these volunteers are highly skilled, so your kids are in good hands.

Where: 1 Guillemard Cres

The Gentle Art 

For Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is not a commonly heard martial art. It is touted to be one of the most effective forms of combat and is the foundation of many top level Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters. As a form of martial art, BJJ is unique as it does not involve or encourage striking. The Gentle Art believes in the establishment of a strong foundation and teaching students the basic techniques for combat.

What differentiates The Gentle Art from other BJJ classes would be their Olympic-level Suples Bulgarian Bag training programme. Furthermore, their BJJ Kids programme is a good option for parents with children as young as three since it does not involve striking or kicking. It is a safe space to hone your children’s BJJ skills.

Where: 183 East Coast Rd

Johan Taekwondo 

For Taekwondo 

Taekwondo is a traditional Korean martial art form that offers a wide range of physical benefits from building core strength, focus, balance and discipline. It is a popular form of martial arts which many parents find value in sending their kids for. Other than physical benefits, Taekwondo also improves one’s mental aspect. It teaches one to be composed when faced with challenges, to respect others and have discipline. Johan Taekwondo’s quality training and pleasant learning environment ensures that every child would be able to discover their fullest potential and learn some combat self defence skills.

Where: Pandan Valley Condominium

NewAge Taichi

For Taichi

Originally developed for self-defense,Taichi is one of the core tenets of martial arts. Integrating the philosophy of ying and yang, taichi is a graceful form of exercise good for stress reduction and a variety of other health conditions. New age Taichi offers a plethora of classes for all ages and they also allow for customisation of plans to cater to your needs. They have a dedicated support system, always having their customers’ interest at heart. 

Where: 1 Choa Chu Kang Grove, ITE College West Blk 1 


For Aikido 

Where Aikido is concerned, aikiForest is the place to go to. It is a highly reputable school in Singapore, even being officially recognised by the Aikido World Headquarters. They cater classes to all ages, ranging from toddlers to adults. They have segregated their children classes into three main categories, with the TOT Class for children aged 4 to 5 years, Cadet Junior Class for 6 to 9 year olds and Cadet Senior Class for 10 to 15 year olds. Classes are conducted in a creative, engaging and age appropriate way by fully dedicated instructors. 

Where: Alexandra Retail Centre, SAFRA Toa Payoh, Rivervale Mall

Wing Chun Ken Lau Singapore

For: Wing Chun

Wing Chun Ken Lau academy firmly believes in the importance of sports and outdoor play for children. Their academy provides non-aggressive Wing Chun classes for children aged 6 to 12 years and aims to cultivate values such as discipline, teamwork, equality, fairness and involvement on top of strengthening their physical health. It is held weekly on Saturdays, so a perfect opportunity to let your kids take a break from school work. The cost is also priced reasonably at $100 for 4 sessions.

Where: Civil Service Club, 60 Tessensohn Road 

Shitoryu Karate Association (SKA)

For: Karate

If your kid has been inspired by the film The Karate Kid, this is the best place to send him/her to! Being one of the most widely recognised karate institutions in Singapore with over 5 decades of experience, Shitoryu Karate Association is the place to learn some snazzy karate moves and self-defence. It is inclusive to all levels, so whether you are a complete beginner eager to send some high flying kicks in the air or an advanced student, feel free to join. Shitoryu Karate Association was founded by a group of men who believed in the importance of learning and imparting karate to more people in Singapore. The association also managed to engage the service of a senior Japanese instructor, thereby teaching students the basic skills and traditional techniques of Shitoryu Karate. Your child will be in good hands as the instructors at SKA have undergone intensive training by Japanese instructors. You can opt for annual membership for members below 18 years of age or choose to pay for monthly training.

Where: Civil Service Club, 60 Tessensohn Road 

Vanda Boxing Club 

For: boxing and muay thai 

Looking for boxing and muay thai classes for your 24/7 energy filled kid? Well, Vanda Boxing Club would be a perfect recommendation for parents searching for a reliable place. Vanda Boxing Club is one of Asia’s top reputable boxing and Muay Thai gyms. It is open to all ages and genders, thus being one of the few boxing clubs in Singapore that provides a junior academy for children.

Vanda Boxing Club offers a safe environment for those who train competitively or even just for their own fitness and health. Regular training with the best facilities will enable kids to learn a wide variety of movements and exercises that work in tandem with their rapidly developing bodies. Besides honing coordination skills, such classes can impart important values such as perseverance and respect. A free trial lesson is also offered, so parents can sign their kids up at Vanda Boxing Club for a trial!

Where: 108 Robinson Road