Top 6 tips to get an ‘A’ in secondary Math

Math is often said to be a subject that is challenging for most children because the ideas just don’t come together for students. Internalising concepts and thereafter applying the knowledge to solve real-world problems is as complicated as it sounds. All children are born with an ability to appreciate numerosity, it’s a matter of stimulating the inherent ability and creating a conducive environment to achieve excellence.

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Here are 6 tips to help you fly sky-high with your math grade!


This may sound like a very overused tip but the reason for it being mentioned again and again is because it actually works. Math is a subject that you cannot just do well without doing enough practice. Different students may require different amounts of practice but everyone still needs them.
Students can ask teachers to give them more practice or test papers or can also try searching online for extra practice. Putting in this extra effort will definitely present a clear path for students to achieve that A grade.
However, it is also important not to overdo the practice as this may just end up causing students to hate the subject.


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Math, by nature, does not actually require a lot of memorisation. If students consider Math as a subject that requires a lot of mugging, their study method has a major flaw. Even though the subject has a lot of theorems and definitions, being able to remember them does not actually require rigorous memorisation.
Students should instead try to prove the theorems by themselves based on the knowledge that they have. This makes remembering the theorems much easier and can also provide good practice for the students!


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Math is not supposed to be a trivial subject and solving problems usually requires a lot of thinking and this requires time. During practice, it is necessary to put in as much effort as possible to solve problems. If students are still unable to solve it, it is necessary for them to clear their doubts as soon as possible with teachers from good secondary schools.
This will help them learn how to solve the problem while it is still fresh in their minds!


It is essential for students to analyse the mistakes that they did and understand what is the correct answer and why they were not able to think of that answer. This will help them increase their chances of not making the same mistakes again.
Moreover, they should not only look at their mistakes but also look at the questions that they were able to do and see whether there are any other faster and more elegant methods. This will equip students with multiple tools to solve the same questions.


When students learn a new topic, they should try to come up with their own problems based on the topic and solve the problems themselves. This will help students understand the new topic that they have learnt much better.
Students can also try to relate their topics to real life and try forming problems based on that. This will help to make solving problems more exciting and fun for students.


Lastly, students need to take their time while solving problems in their Math examinations. Even if they are under time pressure, they should not rush through solving a problem as that is just a recipe for disaster.
It is very easy to make careless mistakes while solving Math problems but if students try to solve them without panicking about the time that they have left, they should be able to reduce these mistakes.


It is rather a complex subject but once you get the knack of learning how to solve problems, things become trivial. There are always tuition teachers available for both Upper secondary and Lower secondary levels.
It is especially important to perform exceptionally well in Secondary 2 (due to streaming process) and in Secondary 4 (due to O levels). Secondary 2 and 4 math home tutors are available to conduct home tuition and that is extremely beneficial in guiding students to get their ‘A’ grade.