Procrastination and Productivity: Ways For Students To Become Effective Learners

Inside the mind of a master procrastinator, the individual finds every reason to postpone the work that needs to be done and finds every way possible to get it done when the deadline is approaching. At its core, procrastinators are not productive learners and hence they do not learn their content effectively as much as they could possibly do so.

stop procrastinating

Master procrastinators follow the magic words, “I’ll do it tomorrow”, which essentially means “never” or until it’s absolutely due the next day. Some students manage to get out of this through the help of their tutors via one-to-one tuition but for the most part, independent learning is not an easy task.

This habit is an unhealthy one and even if students want to get out of this, it takes lots of practice and discipline to break out of it. Home tutors would do an excellent job in guiding students to cultivate good learning habits and eradicate a sluggish attitude in academics.

So, here are some effective ways for students to become productive learners!


This is indeed an excellent way to try to break this habit of procrastination. With a tutor coming in to teach in a fixed schedule, students have no other choice but to sit through that lesson, prepare their tuition assignments beforehand complete their homework beforehand to sieve out the questions and doubts that they need to seek clarification and so on.

the relationship between teacher quality and student achievement

When there is a need to strap down and get some work done, there would be no space for excuses and students will force themselves to adapt and adjust to the rigour. Home tuition is hence indeed a great start to encourage students to be more productive.


It will be helpful to a great extent for students to develop the habit of setting their intentions right at the start of the day. Starting off a day without any goals or getting work done without a to-do list leads to inefficiency. With a set schedule or a list of things that have to be done, students will be able to have a clear mindset about how the day should progress.

to do list

This takes time and effort to slowly get used to it; but once it becomes a habit, students will make use of their time fruitfully and be able to manage the hours in their day well.


With the entertainment industry gleaming with grandeur, platforms like Netflix are churning out new web series and that is just one such distraction from studies among the very many out there which includes social media and video games.


Students their days are endowed with the internet which has an infinite number of resources and information which can be made use of to their advantage, but there are also plenty of distractions that they should watch out for.

Identifying these distractions is the first step to becoming an effective learner. As long as the problem is identified, finding a solution becomes a whole lot easier!

All in all, it will be great if students seek a solution to their procrastination as soon as possible instead of leaving this habit alone. Effective learning requires discipline and a love for learning, all of which takes time and effort to grow and bloom.