What are the Benefits of O-Level Course

After the PSLE and N-level examinations, the GCE O-Level (General Certificate of Education Ordinary-Level) examination would be the next big milestone. This is important for parents and students as it determines whether students be able to go to the Junior College or Polytechnic of their choice. Students often seek tutors from the best tuition agency available to get the best O-Level tutor to guide them.

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Students may look at the journey of O-Level to be daunting. They may not be able to look at it as a learning journey filled with some hurdles and challenges along the way. To put things to perspective, here are some of the benefits of travelling through the journey of O-Levels.


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Each subject will be explored in greater depth and more details will be covered. This is one of the characteristic features of O-Level syllabus. Students are also expected to be inquisitive and creative with their problem-solving skills. The requirements for O-Level are no longer like how it was a decade ago. Today a lot more is demanded of students in order for them to excel in examinations.


Children are in a rapid growth phase during their secondary school years. They would be in the mental space of exploring their interests and passion. Students would also figure out their strengths and weaknesses at in this journey.

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Some students may discover their passion in biology and chemistry and may consider stepping their foot into medicine. Some other students may be interested in venturing into economics or mathematics. Some students may have a mechanical mind and prefer to specialise further along the lines of physics.


Recently, the news that O-level Class of 2020 managed to secure the best results despite Circuit Breaker and school closure was widely talked about. This is indeed a testament to the fact that students who embark on the journey to sit for O-Levels would somehow develop the self-discipline to work hard.

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It is not an easy task to excel in  national examination as it requires several months of consistent effort to be put in. Students would have taken up different subject combinations. Some maybe doing triple science and doubt math, some may have opted for pure English literature, some may have chosen Geography or History.

Whatever the subject combination maybe, the ultimate goal is to score well for all of them. However, it is good to know that each subject has its own unique challenges. To tackle that, students can seek help from O-Level tuition teachers for the respective subjects.


Along the way, there may be many instances where students have to partake in teamwork. Skills such as effective communication, delegation of work among team members, punctuality and being an effective listener are essential to have. The skills cannot be learnt by reading a book; they come through experience. The more students involve themselves in teamwork, the more they gain the necessary experience.

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In tertiary education and in the corporate landscape, team work becomes the norm. Students need to get used to this and master these skills to make sure they don’t struggle in future.


Singapore education system goes beyond textbooks and examinations. The holistic education system also teaches students skills like leadership. Being a leader and being a follower of someone else’s leadership are two separate roles that both needs to be mastered.

A leader should never carry himself with an ego. A leader should never demand others to do what he thinks is right. There are a lot of intricacies in relation to leadership and this can only be learnt through trails and errors.

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Through project work and team assignments, students would figure out what it takes to be a leader and to also follow instructions given by a leader. These skills are essential to survive in the corporate world.


Should students feel unsure about their capabilities and ability to perform well in O-Level examinations, they should not feel inhibited to ask for help. Seeking help is absolutely essential and it’s the most practical thing they can do to achieve success. The journey to O-level examination is a beautiful one, and its unique to every student!