What are the tips you should consider for better composition writing?

Many times, you may catch yourself having the writer’s block, being unable to put your thoughts together in coherent sentences, or even feel uninspired to write. There may be many reasons for unproductivity in writing. So it is important to realize what they are and rectify them as soon as possible before you reach a point of saturation. To be a productive writer, there are many tactics to follow that can be of tremendous help. This could be a possible game-changer for you on many levels.

So, here are some tips that can be followed!

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Firstly, students should not immediately dive into composition writing immediately after getting the question paper. Many students make this mistake as they feel that if they waste any time choosing or analyzing a question, they may end up not having time to do the actual composition.

However, it is very important for students to analyze the questions that they want to write. Misunderstanding a question and writing an entire composition that is out of the point is a painful mistake that has happened to many students. Instead, students should highlight important words and understand fully what the question is trying to ask them.

Preplanning is important!

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Students should cultivate the habit of writing down their arguments. They should write counter-arguments in point form on their question paper before starting to write on their answer paper. This may seem like it wastes a lot of time but in fact, writing points down helps to save a lot more time while writing the essay and thus ends up being a net gain for the students.

Secondly, the preparation before writing a composition plays the main role in determining the quality of the essay. Whether it is a graded essay test or a practice essay, preparation is necessary. For a practice essay, the topic is already known and the student can search online for relevant articles, statistics, and other points.

However, some students tend to go too overboard by overloading their essays with a lot of statistics and articles and this ends up making their essay too clumsy. The statistics and articles will overshadow the student’s main point and thus will result in a low-quality essay.

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Instead, students must remember that the main focus of the essay is their stand on it. Although it is necessary to have statistics and examples, they should only be used to back up the students’ points. For a graded essay, the exact question may not be known but students will generally have an idea of the range of the topics. Thus, it is necessary to try to remember examples and statistics so essays are credible.

Lastly, students must adopt the habit of reading books. Even if the books that they read are not related to the topics that they learn in school. This reading habit will help students improve their writing skills a lot.

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Reading will help students realize how they should construct sentences. They should use a certain vocabulary and present their points properly. Students should also try to write down vocabulary words that they do not know. So they should write down their meanings in a separate notebook. This will help them remember these vocabulary words. And maybe useful later on when they write an essay that requires them to use these words.


Generally, being well-prepared for an essay will yield many benefits. They should have a vast knowledge of vocabulary words, statistics, and examples. These can be achieved by reading books and staying in touch with current affairs. Finally, even if the student is very confident of his or her knowledge base, it is still necessary for him or her to plan and write down their arguments in point form. This helps students do not make any careless mistakes while writing their essays.

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