What is the average Maths tuition fees in Singapore?

With the increase in demand for Math tuition, parents are now concerned about which is the best price that they should look out for. It is confusing because it’s a huge market and understanding the factors that influence tuition fees is not that easy. It is important to note that the reason why Math tuition is also that much popular is that the syllabus has become much more complex and abstract that students can no longer excel just solely based on being attentive in the classroom and completing homework assignments. Even Singaporean parents start to give their children from Primary level 1 to Primary 6 Math home tuition.

The extra motivation, the extra resources and some useful techniques and strategies with personalized guidance is required in order to tackle the mathematics question papers these days. They go beyond testing the concepts and it dives deeper into an application, integration of concepts, and derivation of formulas. The mental capacity of students varies and at the age of 11 years old, for example, a Primary 6 student may not necessarily be able to catch up with the work given or the abstract concepts being tested because those are more apt for a 13-year-old.

The education system has to build the crescendo for students to adapt and even critics do argue that the system does so, then students who are slightly weaker in this subject may not be able to grasp as fast as their peers which opens up a new can of works filled with insecurity, discrimination, peer pressure, and stress.






These are the general guidelines being used in order to fix the rate of tuition fees. This is how we tabulate the rate of math tuition fees based on the above-mentioned factors…

In general tuition rates are made sure to be as affordable as possible because students and parents always think about working within their budget because if the academic investments exceed the budget it cripples the expenses of other areas of life.


The help received during school hours is insufficient and hence tuition becomes a great helping hand that guides students along to achieve success no matter what kind of a learner the student is. It is important to keep track of the academic progress of children throughout the journey of tution and this becomes the key way to assess the efficacy of the tuition in helping the child progress.

It will be a driving force for students to accomplish their academic goals. Though the search for the best prices is always done by parents, a common understanding that is required is that Math tuition is meant to be a little expensive because the demand is as such. However, it has never been complained to be as expensive such that it is unmanageable. Hence parents can evaluate properly and make the right decision, keeping in mind not to overthink!