Things you need to know about Singapore Math Tutors!

Over the past few years, the importance of tuition has exponentially increased because the education system has evolved to become more challenging. More students are turning towards the option of external help in their academics as it is much needed in order to survive. Mathematics is admittedly a challenging subject because, by nature, it has abstract concepts and various nuances to it. Internalizing mathematical concepts and applying the ideas to solve challenging problems can be easy for some students while others may, unfortunately, lag behind. When weaker students see themselves performing poorly in a few tests consecutively, they will start to realize that they are much slower than their peers and this will take a beating on their confidence for sure. Everything goes downhill from this point onwards and this is dangerous in many ways.

Parents are often unsure as to how to select the perfect tutor for their child. Every child is unique and a tutor has to be able to adjust and adapt to any type of child and be able to accommodate his or her learning needs. Before hiring a good tutor, you need to know several things about Singapore math tutors first!

So, let’s look at the 6 things that one should clarify before hiring a math tutor!


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This is probably the most intuitive thing that will pop up in any parent’s mind to seek clarification about. Tuition rates may vary between different centres and it is usually dependent on several factors like where the tuition centre is established (rental rates are concerned), the expertise of the tutors, the resources supplied to students, the activities arranged by the tuition centre, etc. Top tuition centres in Singapore usually have rates which are pretty high because of the combined effect of the above-mentioned factors. In the case of hiring a single private home tutor, the rates depend on how experienced the tutor is his or her level of expertise.

It is important to understand that expensive tuition rates do not necessarily mean that the quality and standard is always high. In fact, the fee rates of a tuition teacher or a tuition centre does not matter as much, so it is perfectly fine to work within your means. That way, this will not become a financial stress factor in your family.



Children are always occupied with school work and with their busy schedule, there is hardly any time to breathe. Though it is true that they need extra help, allocating time for that can be a challenge. You could ask about the available tuition timings and discuss with your child as to what is the best option. It is crucial to ensure that your child is comfortable with the lesson timing because one cannot be tired and exhausted during lessons. This is crucial to discuss and figure out when it comes to hiring a math tutor.


Math is a subject that requires patience and persistence and lots of self-discipline to get better at. Math tutors, in general, are aware of this phenomenon and they go beyond just teaching formulas and concepts from textbooks.

“Discipline” is a characteristic that is crucial for students to excel in math since mastering the subject is all about constantly strengthening your memory on concepts, practicing every day and proactively seeking help from tutors. This quality is something that is lacking in those who underperform in Math. Children are young and they often do not understand the importance of discipline, and hence, Math teachers will take that up to that responsibility and teach their students to be self-disciplined. This goes beyond helping a student to excel in math; it helps him or her conquer life.


Singapore math is famous globally for being challenging and students are required to be focused and interested in their learning in order to perform well academically. None of this will come easily and no matter how much a student tries, without the guidance of a good math tutor, nothing will be possible!