7 Best ways to get rid of the anxiety of Singapore Math

It is certainly not easy to excel in Singapore mathematics as it is one of the toughest subjects that students fear to cope within an education system that is known to be the most challenging in the world. Today, with a great amount of progress and creation of a variety of specialised jobs, there is an increase in demand for jobs that has mathematics as its prerequisite subject and should students perform well in mathematics for their O levels and A levels, they have high chances of having a strong career ahead of them.
However, students are unfortunately struggling to get their A grade in math because of the lack of proper guidance and they do not comprehend what their learning gaps are.

So, here are 7 best ways that students can follow to excel in Singapore math and that will automatically get rid of the fear surrounding it.

What you need to know about Singapore math tutors is that they emphasise the need to follow a “mastery method” to make sure core concepts are in place through systematic practice. Simple concepts are first strengthened by exposing students to numerous types of questions that test their knowledge on it. Thereafter children gain confidence when they are able to comprehend concepts and solve problems easily. Big ideas are broken down into smaller “bite-sized” ones, using real-life examples and illustrations, which makes mathematics less intimidating.

This form of cognitive thinking involves lots of analysis, evaluation, and synthesis (creation of new knowledge) which cannot be mastered overnight; this requires patience and persistence. By thinking critically to solve mathematical problems from a tender age, it becomes second nature to think as such to solve questions in the future as well. It is almost an immediate response for them to read questions with a critical lens, then to analyse, hypothesise, work out possible solutions and finally figure out the answer. With constant practice through school assignments and examinations, students will be trained and this will help them gain confidence in themselves automatically.


Students have to do their due diligence to perform well in their examinations. Singapore math is all about practicing and getting better with each round of practice. Singapore education system has made it clear that students need to be provided with various resources and avenues to practice in order to score high grades. By practicing, students will have much more clarity about topics that seem complex and abstract.

Questions in math papers usually have several topics linked together in one question. For example, differentiation, rate of change and volume can be all linked within one question and hence students are required to understand how different topics of the subject are associated with one another and with that understanding, they should be able to apply the knowledge to solve real-world problems which are being tested in math examinations.

It’s normal to meet failures in life and it is of paramount importance to remember that nothing is the make or break. You may fail one test but that doesn’t mean that you will fail subsequent tests. Take it with a stride and work on improving your grades. Take the necessary steps to achieve that A grade and your tutor will guide you along the way.

The best way for you to comprehend and register what you have learnt is to teach others. When attempting to teach someone, your brain organises the information you have learnt in a coherent manner and in this way you will be able to recall the necessary details during the examination and you will have a clearer idea of question requirements as well.

Math home tutors are the best people to guide and this is because they will analyse and understand what their students’ weaknesses and strengths are. Math tutors will also teach strategically and hence the targetted approach will ensure students excel at a fast rate. On top of all this, tutors are great moral support along the way. This is especially essential since mathematics can be arduous and daunting!

It is certainly possible for students who once failed mathematics to improve and score that ‘A’ grade. This, however, does not happen overnight and requires students to stay motivated and be persistent. With gradual progress, students will slowly gain confidence and the fear will automatically be eradicated.