Love what you Do & Do what you Love: A guide to making informed decisions in life

The key to happiness is still being searched for by every human being since the beginning of time. We hope for everything in our life to be enjoyable and rewarding, but the reality is often not as such. This is why at every step of the way; it is important for us to find a meaning in everything that we do.

Here’s a guide for you to find out a way in which you can make decisions in your life that will make you happy!


Doing what you love will make life much more fulfilling. Although it is true that the main purpose of work is to earn enough money to live a satisfactory life, the job you choose must not be something which you dislike. This means choosing the right higher education pathway is certainly important. Many justify that they can simply do what they love outside of work in their free time but this is too optimistic.

Inevitably, a percentage of free time at home will also be eaten up by work. This may seem manageable at first but as the years go by, many start losing their purpose in life as they start to feel like they are selling their soul to their job. When working life and personal life start to mix together, the job becomes more about personal fulfillment than about money.


Secondly, you will be more productive and successful. Performing well in your career requires you to be motivated and have passion in what you are doing. Without this drive to excel in your career, your performance will definitely worsen over time. Money is generally not sufficient motivation to excel in your field.

When you love what you are doing, you will naturally try to do it to the best of your ability. Moreover, you will not lose motivation as easily when facing hardships and instead give it your all to overcome them. This natural drive will help you to find success in what you do.


Once you have understood the importance of loving what you do, it is equally as important to understand how to get there; how to do what you love. For most people, what you love may not be very clear or obvious as others who have very clear passions. Thus, the first step to doing what you love is firstly finding out what you love by doing a bit of self-discovery. You must find out your own strengths.

Although your strengths may not point to a particular career choice, it is a good start as it helps you learn more about yourself. Sometimes, it is difficult to identify our own strengths which is why we need to consult our friends and family if necessary. With everyone’s opinion, you should be able to accurately determine your strengths.


You should think back in your life and recall if you had any interest in any particular careers. This may even include childhood dreams which may seem outrageous in your current state. These dream jobs, even if you are not interested in them anymore, must have stemmed from some passion and it is important to try and identify this passion.

You must also be aware if you have a passion in any subjects that you studied in school, any extracurricular activities, etc. identifying these passions will help to direct you in a path where you will be doing what you love.


However, after all these analyses, many will run into one big problem. The career that they are passionate to pursue may not be popular and may not pay well. For some, this may be a problem as they may not be financially stable and this career would likely not pay well enough to repay their university debts.

For others, this may be a problem as their relatives and friends may perceive them differently because of their career choice which can result in them losing their face. Although these are things to consider, they should not be obstacles for you to achieve happiness in what you do. One solution to these problems may be to consider working another job to save up enough money to pursue the career you are passionate about!