Top 10 Private Universities in Singapore

College education is of utmost importance for individuals. Students aim to secure a place in colleges like the National University of Singapore, but don’t realise that there are other greater universities as well. There are various private universities in Singapore that provide good quality education.

College education encourages individuals to be critical thinkers and the knowledge that they gain empowers them. Tertiary education is not just to land a good career to earn money for a living. It needs to equip students with the necessary skills for the future.

 private universities in Singapore

University education exposes individuals to learning in different ways. Team work and projects gain importance. This is when students need to get used to being effective communicators, good mediators in discussions, being a leader and to be a good follower of a leader’s instructions.

A similar model will be adopted in the workforce as well. One could be assigned to be a leader of a project and be given the responsibility to lead a team. Without a similar exposure in university education, it will be impossible to pick up skills out of a sudden in the workforce.

college education

University education also enables individuals to figure out their pet-peeves, their strengths and weaknesses and their preferences. The opportunity to undergo self-analysis should be made well use of. Along the way, individuals may figure out what their possible future plans may be as well. Through the opportunities provided by the Universities, there may be various exposure to explore beyond graduation. With that, students may be able to develop and train themselves further.

So, let’s take a look at the top 10 private universities in Singapore!

SIM (Singapore Institute of Management) Global Education


SIM global education offers more than 80 academic programmes. It includes their own diploma and even graduate diploma courses in top-ranking universities in other countries. Countries include Australia, Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. The university provides global perspectives and exposes students to diverse cultures. They have a modern learning space as well. This includes a library, lecture theatres, classrooms, multi-purpose halls. Many other open study areas ensure studying is enjoyable.

SIM global education is also certified by EduTrust. It has also received awards for many of its courses. The fact that they have been ranked among the top 3 in People’s choice of best private institution is also important to note.

James Cook University

James Cook University provides a great variety of study options and is inter-disciplinary as well. The programmes are always aimed at preparing students for the challenging corporate landscape. Skills like critical thinking, leadership, problem-solving and effective communication are very important.

The university is a branch of the James Cook University in Australia. It enables students to study in Singapore and Australia while paying the fees in Singapore currency. The campus has a huge variety of facilities that paves way for effective learning. This includes facilities like seminar rooms, libraries and laboratories.

James Cook University

They also focus on extracurricular activities. This is important for students’ holistic learning experience. James Cook University was the first private university in Singapore to receive the EduTrust Star in 2015. This was a testament to the quality of the education that it offers students. The university has been improving since the beginning. Its consistent efforts have enabled it to clinch the position of being among the top 10 institutions in Singapore.

Management Development Institute of Singapore

The management development institute of Singapore is one of the top universities. It is particularly well-known for its business programme. The University also provides a wide variety of private diploma courses, degrees and masters programmes. This is done across various disciplines. It is a partner of various renowned universities as well. This enables them to provide students with a holistic programme.


MDIS has an important role in the education history in Singapore. It has produced many talented graduates who are now contributing to the progress of the nation. It contains many advanced computer laboratories, life science laboratories and engineering laboratories. Moreover, there are an amphitheatre, gymnasium and badminton courts.

This covers arts and sports as well. This university is also EduTrust  certified. This is primarily due to its high-standard education. It has received many other awards. The university’s employability rate was 80.9% in 2018 and has been slowly increasing since. Moreover, the university has achieved a rank of 19 in Singapore.

Kaplan higher education academy

Kaplan higher education academy is a top-ranking private university. It offers a wide variety of degrees across 8 disciplines:

  • Accounting, banking & finance
  • Business & Management
  • Communication & media
  • Humanities & social sciences
  • Hospitality & tourism management
  • Information technology
  • Law and Nursing & Allied health
Kaplan higher education academy

The university has many collaborations and partnership around the world. This includes the University of Essex, University College Dublin and many others. The university has received a lot of awards over the years that prove its greatness. Under the AsiaOne People’s Choice Awards, it is among the Top 3 Best Private Schools in Singapore. This has been consistent as such for 2009, 2010, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

It has also received many awards. This includes being the best corporate training provider for leadership, computer science & IT and Finance management. Kaplan also guarantees a high employability rate. There is a career advisory as well for students who seem to be a little lost. Kaplan ranks 21st in Singapore among other institutions.

PSB Academy Singapore

PSB Academy Singapore is not as well-known as other universities on this list. But it has a rich history to it. It was first started in 1964 and has done many things to ensure its graduates are equipped with all the necessary skills. PSB has connections throughout Asia to ensure its students are exposed beyond Singapore.


PSB Academy also gives importance to giving back to society. Studying is not just to land a good career and earn money for a living. Knowledge has to be put to use for something that is of the greater good. The university gives importance to environmental sustainability in all aspects as well. The university is ranked 23rd in Singapore.

Dimensions International College

Dimensions international college has been operating for 36 years. It is Singapore’s longest-serving international schools. The college has 3 campuses in Singapore: Koven, River Valley and Bukit Timah. Every student is given equal importance in this educational institution. It provides opportunities so that students can learn and gain experiences in an enjoyable manner.

Dimensions international college

The college is also CPE registered and EduTrust certified. The college also ensures that its students are in contact with alumni. This enables them to learn more from experienced individuals. This college is also certified by EduTrust. It has many other awards such as Gold Standard Service Provider Award and the international SQA Star Award. This University ranks 28th in Singapore.

East Asia Institute of Management

East Asia Institute of Management

East Asia Institute of management is a good choice for students who want to study businesses and management courses. The 3 main areas that this university is known for are Business, Health Sciences and Hospitality & Tourism. East Asia Institute of Management also has a high employment rate of 88.6%.

Its partnerships include De Montfort University Leicester, Edinburgh Business School and a few others. Its aim has always been to be a world-class educational institution. Every endeavour has been with this vision in mind. Various measures have been implemented in the Academic Board and the Examination Board.

This is to ensure a high-quality education is offered. To ensure holistic education is provided, various measures have been implemented. This includes industry-relevant curriculum, practical-oriented lessons and enrichment programmes. It achieved the 35th rank in Singapore.

London school of Business and Finance

London school of business and finance aims to maximise exposure for students. The university is well-known for offering courses in Business, Hospitality & Tourism and Accountancy. They have even ranked the best private school in Singapore for these courses.

London school of business and finance

EduTrust, Education Investor Asia and Eco-office Label have recognised this University. The University provides many other courses which include languages and arts. There are online courses as well. Though it is only a decade old, it has been developing at an exponential rate. Students from all over the world desire to study in this institution.

Nanyang Institute of Management

Nanyang Institute of Management provides holistic education and has a learning-friendly environment. A student-centric culture emphasises proactive and independent learning. The university is also known for its research. It has many measures in place to maintain an intellectual environment.

NIM also provides enough facilities and services to maintain a conducive learning environment. The lecturer to student ratio is also 1 to 30 which is generally greater than other universities. NIM also has achieved many awards such as EduTrust certification from the Committee for Private Education (CPE).

Digipen institute of technology

Digipen institute of technology trains its students to creative and inquisitive learners. There is a great emphasis on knowledge application to solve real-world problems. Students will be industry-ready with a portfolio that will be attention-grabbing.

The university was the first-ever school to offer a Bachelor’s degree in video game development. It ranked 5th for game design as well. It has achieved many awards as well. All this is a testament to its uniqueness and strength in developing students to be ready for the technological world.

The university is specialised in emphasising team projects and applied learning. Their exceptional alumni network and connections also make them special. The structure of the coursework is focused on which is helpful who know exactly what they want to study and pursue!