Confessions Of A Teacher: Adapting To The Dynamics Of Teaching Profession

Teaching is definitely not an easy job as there is a lot of things that teachers need to know how to handle. The challenges remain the same for school teachers, online tutors, and home tutors. With some slight differences here and there of course. Singapore is one of the biggest success stories in Asia as it had aimed to develop a nation filled with well-educated youngsters. For this to happen, the nation had to develop a high-quality teacher workforce.

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This profession has evolved to a great extent as there are much more expectations of teachers these days. As tutors pick up new tuition assignments it becomes challenging in different ways. There are many things that tutors go through and there’s a lot that they have to do to get better at their profession.


Teachers often find it challenging to understand their students in the initial stages. Every student is unique in his or her behaviour as they each have their own set of strengths and weaknesses. Every student has a different way of processing and recalling information. It is hence crucial to observe and teach according to the specific needs of each student.

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Sometimes teachers reach a point of frustration when they can’t decipher a student’s predicaments. In such cases, the student might be disobedient or introverted. Teachers hence need to be patient and observant enough to assess their students. That is one of the ways teachers can help their students succeed.


There are many benefits to working as a home tutor. One of them is being able to handle very few students (one student) during a lesson. But, not every child is kind, respectful and obedient. Identifying a student’s learning preference is half the battle. The real challenge lies in being able to tolerate their attitude.

Rebellious students find comfort in doing what they feel like. They often do not understand how it can harm their learning and their future. This often stems from a lack of confidence in oneself. Their rebellious attitude is a mask to hide the emptiness within. Tutors have a responsibility to make their students realise their own self-worth and focus on their studies the way they should.


Especially with the ongoing pandemic, online learning has become the norm. Everyone is coerced into accepting this reality. There is nothing much we can do to change this situation, unfortunately. Teachers have to alter their teaching style accordingly to ensure they remain relevant.


To reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus, everyone has confined themselves to the four walls of their home. Everything has made a rapid transition in ways beyond imagination. Teachers may not be stoked about this change as it forces them out of their comfort zone. But change is the only thing that is constant after all!


Teachers have their good times and challenges. Manoeuvring through this profession is not as easy as it may seem as teachers constantly need to equip themselves to adapt to changes. Nonetheless, teachers will get it done as they have the knowledge and expertise to roll with the punches.