Handling Responsibilities: A Guide For Adolescents

The most challenging aspect of being an adolescent (apart from identity crisis, puberty, and relationship struggles and many others), is the fact that one has to learn to take up responsibilities. This transition from being a child to becoming an adult is truly a struggle and can be daunting on most.

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No one overtly teach what responsibility means and what it is like to handle them. In order to truly learn this, parents, tuition teachers and other such parental figures have to take it upon themselves to guide the young ones who have simply no idea of how this should be done. When children are taught this at a tender age, much of the confusion and struggle can be avoided; the ride would be a less bumpy one.

So, here’s a guide for adolescents on how to take on responsibilities and handle them like an expert!


Youngsters do not understand that this is part and parcel of life. At one point or another, responsibilities will start pouring in and one needs to be able to deal with them without getting overwhelmed. However, the best part about this is that, it all happens gradually, most of the time. Life would have prepared us to in some stage of our life previously to carry a burden now in a graceful manner.

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The first and foremost important way to get better at taking responsibilities is to accept them. When the mind and the heart accept something, it finds a way to deal with it practically and emotionally. Should acceptance be a challenge, it is always perfectly fine for youngsters to seek advice from parents and teachers.

We All Have Duties

As a human on this earth, we struggle with identity and we are never sure about what we are meant to do and accomplish. All that one has to do is to understand that there will be duties that have to be undertaken now and in future, and it is never possible to be sure about the purpose of life. This is something absolutely broad and vague, and it is not something that can be figured out in a day or two. It takes a lifetime to figure out through experiences.

Take Your Time

It is harmful to put a rush on anything. One has to take things slow and understand the nuances of everything that is unravelling around them. When you are too worried about or focused on getting things right all the time, it takes away the fun of it and ruins your chance to make mistakes and learn effectively.

The biggest mistake that many teenagers make is to also compare themselves with others around them. This is an absolute blunder because everyone is unique and there are no common grounds for comparison to begin with. Hence comparison is pointless.

One needs to be the master of his feelings, thoughts, perceptions, emotions and actions in order to succeed in anything he sets his heart one. It is not impossible to accomplish it; it is just a matter of taking enough time to go through it all, with patience.