Explore and Expand: Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Stepping out of one’s comfort zone is not the easiest of tasks, yet it is absolutely essential to see some progress. It takes resilience and tenacity to keep travelling in the path laid in front of us because there will be numerous hurdles along the way. Parents teach their children this concept and from time and again, this is reinforced by tuition teachers and school teachers. The heavy emphasis being placed on this is to ensure that children keep this in mind at all times as this will reflect in their actions and decision-making.

Here are some ways in which students can overcome their fear and step out of their comfort zone to reach their goals!

Do Not Fear Being Wrong

It is fine and normal to not know something. We are all learning something every day and it is perfectly normal to admit that we don’t know something. Some students fear being judged by others for not knowing the answers to questions being asked in class. Or students might also fear the criticisms of better-performing students and from parents.

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These are factors that leads to a student feeling helpless and inhibited. The first and foremost thing that needs to be done is to overcome the fear of making mistakes and the fear of not knowing. It may seem to be a challenge, however, once you convince yourself to change your mindset, you will get used to it.

Try Something New

We often underestimate our capabilities and think that we aren’t good enough for a lot of things. However, this feeling of inadequacy and self-doubt is also what we call as the “imposter syndrome”. This is common among so many students and many of them are unaware of how to tackle this.

try something new
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When you keep an open mind, you are much more willing to learn something new and try something new as well. Nobody needs to be a master in everything they set their hands on. The key is to gather the confidence to try something new and never fear the outcome of it. This is the way to find your strengths and weaknesses.

Capitalise On Your Strengths

Everyone has their own set of strengths and weaknesses. One of our biggest problems as human beings is to worry about our weaknesses and complain about them. We go on for hours on how unhappy we are about the things that we are not good at. However, many of us do not give enough attention and put in enough effort to capitalise on the strengths that we are endowed with.

It may be challenging for students to figure it out all by themselves. With the help of private tutors and school teachers, the job would become much easier! When we realise what we are innately good at, we will take the right steps to get better at it. After all, an expert was once a beginner. Everything takes time, and nothing is impossible!