How Can Parents Play An Active Role In Children’s Education?

Parents have an important role to play in every aspect of their children’s life. It is dangerous for parents to take on the typical helicopter parenting approach as that imposes detrimental effects on the wellbeing of children. Playing an active role while still giving children the space and independence to explore themselves is absolutely important.

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It is of paramount importance to ensure that children do not feel like they are being supervised all the time. Tutors would also keep in mind that being over-controlling can be dangerous. No matter what kind of tuition teacher one is, he or she also has the responsibility to check in on the wellbeing of their students.

However, hovering over them, making time tables for them, instructing them on what to do each minute can amalgamate into something disastrous. Parents have the burning question as to how they can be an encouraging active participant in children’s education from time and again.

So, here are some ways this can be accomplished!


Parents need to broach the subject of how life can get immensely difficult on many occasions. For any relationship to be strong, communication is key. Parents have a misunderstanding that the relationship with their children will remain intact even without the need of having to communicate as much, just because they are blood-related. They give in to their busy schedules and do not make enough time for their children.

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With such a behaviour exhibited by parents, children would end up turning to others for the care and affection that they don’t seem to get at home. This can take a turn down south because children are naïve and they are not of the mental capacity to assess and analyse situations, people and relationships. This might cause them to walk on a path with people who might influence them in ways that would lead to grave consequences.

Parents need to communicate with their children, and that’s the first and foremost important step of all.

Express Your Concern

Students can be encumbered by the various challenged encountered in school which may take a toll on their mental and physical wellbeing. They could give vent to their anger and frustration by throwing tantrums or refusing to get something done. In such moments parents need to step in ask their children about what has gone wrong.

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It is of utmost importance to express your concern and let your child know that you are there for them. If this is not done, children would assume that their parents are not concerned about them, which adds on to their stress.

Asking About Their Needs

It is important to ensure that one doesn’t nag and ask about problems repeatedly as it would only inflate the problem. Students would become more frustrated as answering to questions about everything can be exhausting. The key is to be subtle about this. Parents should ask their children casually, probably over the dinner table about how the day went. And they can proceed to ask if they want any help or at least let them know that their parents are ready to offer help when needed.


The education landscape has evolved drastically over time, to the point where it has become like a battle field. One has to elbow their way through the immense competition and it takes a lot to stay afloat. Education has been redefined and no one understands the value of it. Education is looked upon as a ladder that one has to climb to land on a job that can earn some good money to make ends meet.

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However, the true purpose of education is to gain knowledge, become wiser, contribute and give back to the society. Parents need to reassurance their children that they are there for them and remind children about the true purpose of education.


Even the brightest of students need motivation to keep themselves moving forward. There will moments of self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy that will rear its ugly head. Parents need to teach their children that there will be many failures to encounter in life and one needs to strap themselves up for that.

Expecting a smooth ride through life is utter foolishness. One needs to accept reality that life is a bumpy ride filled with hurdles and rewards along the way. It is important embrace the good and bad equally.