How Does Digital Learning Tools Enhance Education?

The way in which learning takes place these days is far different from what it used to be. The pandemic has caused the mode of learning to alter to a greater extent, in ways that no one would have ever expected. Online learning is now the most common option for learning with a safe distance. However, along the process of adapting to this way of learning, teachers and students have discovered numerous benefits.

digital learning tools

Tutoring jobs in Singapore these days require tutors to be a little more tech savvy as most students prefer online learning. With online learning, there is a plethora of benefits that students can gain!

Let’s take a look at how digital learning tools better shape education and enable students to learn effectively!


With online teaching, one-to-one learning is made possible in an effective way. Every student has his or her own pace of learning. It is only sensible for subjects to be taught in a manner that is more accommodating to the students’ specific learning needs. Some students might need a visual representation of the texts they read; while some others might need to set aside their books and hear someone explain the concepts out loud.

There is no one right way to learn effectively, at the end of it all, all roads lead to Rome. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what way a student learns, as long as it is effective and efficient.


When learning is more hands-on, and when students are encouraged to engage in critical-thinking, the information being learnt gets better encoded in one’s mind. In online learning, teachers can use platforms like Zoom, Google Meet and even websites like Kahoot to quiz their students on lessons that they have conducted.


When students are engaged in critical thinking immediately after every topic that they have learnt, it enables them to think deeply about the information that they have just absorbed. It is always important to make sense out of the concepts being learnt right then and there. Leaving doubts to snowball would result in a huge mess.

This is one of the key reasons why many students choose to seek help from online tuition teachers right from the beginning. It is better to nip the problem at its bud after all!


With the physical presence of a tutor, it is more likely for a student to look up to their tutor and ask for help every five seconds. The temptation to seek guidance is so much greater and there would be a lack of critical thinking to begin with. With online learning, there is sufficient space being created for students to think deeply about the things they learn. Teachers will not molly-coddle their students and spoon-feed answers; all they can do is to guide.

True guidance is offered when teachers show their students the right path to walk on, but do not provide them with solutions at every step of the way.


One of the biggest advantages of online learning is the fact that students need not spend their time travelling to places. Learning can take place from one location and hence students are more likely to focus.

The flexibility in schedule is an advantage for both students and tutors. This helps create a more conducive learning environment, since lessons will ultimately take place during a time slot for which both parties are available.

Online learning has become the norm today and education system might transition itself to the digital platform completely in future as well. As we progress further with the discovery of new technology, learning will evolve as well. Students and tutors need to adapt and adjust to the changes and reap the benefits that it has to offer!