How Important Is Private Tuition For Your Child?

It is an undeniable fact that the education system has stepped up its game and now, children find it challenging to survive school all by themselves. Though school teachers may be willing to guide them, it is not the same as the kind of guidance that private tutors can offer. There are numerous tuition agencies in Singapore that serve as excellent platforms that provide quality guidance for students for varying academic levels. This is also the reason why tutoring jobs in Singapore has a great demand.

Here are some ways in which private tuition guides children to achieve excellence!


While it may sound odd for a tutor to “analyse” a student, what this essentially means is that private tutors have the liberty to explore and understand their student’s learning capacity, speed of learning, methods of internalising information and areas of strengths and weaknesses. Only then, a teacher can accurately gauge the needs of a students and teach accordingly.

driver analysis

Time can be better allocated to areas that require more attention and students can practice repeatedly on those areas as well. A more targeted approach is absolutely necessary to seem results much rapidly.


In a classroom of 40 students, it is near impossible for the teacher to give equal attention to all students and clarify each and every one of their doubts. However, in the setting of private tuition, there is enough learning space for students to ask any question freely to their tuition teachers.

There would be enough time for tutors to clarify doubts and in fact, this leads to greater understanding of what the students know and don’t know. It is crucial to be aware of the areas of weakness so that special attention can be given to make some improvements before it becomes too late.


For many students, they might not have the support of their parents at home. Parents who are working for most of the time are unable to spend quality time with their children. Thus, children feel neglected. However, for children with private tuition, they would have an outlet to share their school experiences and seek advice about anything and everything (especially if the tutor is very amicable!).


It is common for students to be bothered by feelings of insecurity and to feel inadequate or unprepared on many occasions. Students would need the support of their parents or their parental figures (for example, tuition teachers) when they are young and naive. Apart from academic support, tuition teachers would also be a huge form of moral support in many instances.


This is an important quality for one to succeed in anything. Of course, being ignorant or over-confident is unhealthy as well, so it is important to strike the perfect balance. The more and more that we learn, the greater our confidence becomes. This gets reflected in the results that we achieve and it yields better results in subsequent endeavours as well.

good results

Tuition teachers have a pivotal role in influencing students’ level of confidence. The quality of education they provide and the kind of guidance that they give would enable students to further explore themselves and build their knowledge on their own. From a state of dependence and insecurity, students would transition into the state of independent learning and confidence in themselves.

In fact, the most important takeaway for students, is to be confident enough to admit that they don’t know something and ask for help instead of pretending to know it all. Learning never stops; and it never should!