The Importance Of Smart Study

There are the good study techniques, and the bad ones, and there isn’t anything in between. The problem kicks in when one isn’t sure what works for them, because one size doesn’t fit all. We’re not cut from the same cloth and hence expecting a fixed set of techniques to work on everyone is just impractical. Private tutors ensure that they assess the needs of a student first, before thinking of a what kind of approach should be taken in teaching them.

smart study
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This is what is called as smart-study: An approach to studying that makes sure that the information is easily encoded by an individual through the medium of learning which makes them feel the most comfortable with. What is more important, is the fact that these learning techniques need to be under the category of “active learning”, and not “passive learning”.

Here are the reasons why smart-studying is absolutely important!

You Need It For Life

We shall not dive into what kind of study techniques needs to be followed; we all know what they are. Starting from spaced repetition to repeated practice, everything is done and dusted. But what’s the point of doing something without knowing the purpose of it? Hence, here’s the first and most important reason why smart studying is essential!

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Knowledge is not just meant for you to pass your exams (This should be treated like a by-product). The true purpose of it is to lift the veil of ignorance, enable you to grow and mature, and it should influence your decisions and actions in a positive manner. The knowledge gained today should be engraved in your heart and mind, and should not be forgotten.

Smart-studying enables you to remember what you’ve learnt, no matter how many years roll by. One day, a small piece of knowledge you gained from a couple of words uttered by your teacher in an afternoon class on a hot summer day 20 years ago, might come in handy; it might even save a life.

Pass It On To Others

The only thing that does not cause you a loss when shared, is knowledge. In fact, you gain something when you share your knowledge. When you teach someone what you’ve learnt, you will learn that concept in a greater depth and the way you store the information in your mind will much more organised.

Pass It On To Others
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One of the best study techniques is teaching what you’ve learnt to your peers. Knowledge is meant to be passed on to others, and that is the way to preserve it. Smart-studying enables you to transfer what you have learnt to others in a wholesome manner without causing confusions.

Save Your Time

We all know that time once gone, cannot be gained back. Until the day time machines get invented, it’ll be wise for us to think about ways in which we can save time to make the best of our lives which are just too short. One of the best ways to save time in student life is to engage in smart-studying. This is what tutors often call “time-management” and students struggle with it all the way through school days.

Smart-studying means that you spend less time on studying but it is far more effective. Finding out what works for you and following that is essential!