The Best Learning Strategies To Achieve Excellence

Learning is never meant to be a competition so there is no need for one to be against another. It should also not be looked at as a tool that can be used to get a high-paying job in future. As young students, you should also understand the fact that someone else will not emerge victorious at the cost of your destiny; so being generous and having a helping mind in the journey of learning and education is of great importance.


You would have heard your tuition teachers tell you about the importance of having a positive attitude towards learning. It is one of the first learning strategies that students have to follow before they dive into anything else. Excellence is accomplished through discipline, hard work and good guidance.

So, let’s take a look at the best learning strategies that students can follow to do well in their examinations!


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excellence results

Education has evolved to a great extent now, and with the quick accessibility of tuition teachers with just a tap of the finger on the screen, guidance comes to your doorstep.

This readily-available help makes everything so much more convenient and students would feel free to ask questions during tuition sessions as well since its one-to-one. Students will also have the added advantage of utilising their liberty of requesting their tutors to re-teach some topics which seem a little unclear after learning for the first time.


When there is a whole lot of information to remember, the brain might struggle to internalise all of it. It would be an even more challenging task to recall the content later on during examinations as well. Adopting the spaced repetition strategy will be useful especially for subjects like Biology which are content-heavy.

spaced repitition

Using flashcards or mind maps to condense the information will be the first step to take. Thereafter, students need to review this material in spaced intervals and make sure they flag out doubts that need clarification.

Active recall is another important strategy that accompanies spaced repetition. Students need to bring this into a habit as it’s not an easy task at all. This form of active learning requires more effort, and more time, but it’s way more effective than passive learning techniques.


Have you heard of something called the Pomodoro technique? Well, it’s essentially the technique of studying in 25-minute blocks and you can choose to switch from one task to another for those blocks of study sessions. The idea of this is to allow your brain to have a little more breathing space and to prevent the mind from becoming too saturated with information.

pomodoro technique

You need to plan your study sessions in such a way that they allow your mind to work at a comfortable pace without getting over-exhausted, and you should be able to complete all the work required within that day. Planning may not be something that you are used to, but it is something that you can bring into your routine over time. Everything becomes easier with practice after all!


Everyone needs to look at the silver lining in unfortunate circumstances; that is the only way to get through hurdles. Studying for finals or national exams may be nerve wracking and there might be lots of challenges along the way. Accepting these difficulties and doing the necessary to make progress is the best thing that one could do for himself.

Accepting challenges and trying one’s best at all times is one of the most important learning strategies that has to be followed!