The Importance Of Staying Motivated As A Tutor

“Once there, I shall so advance with the assistance I shall there get, that my present knowledge will appear to me but as childish ignorance. says the protagonist in Jude the Obscure, by Thomas Hardy. Hardy tells us that what we know now, would turn out to be an incomplete fact in future, or we would discover that there is a greater depth to something that we thought was superficial. Knowledge is as deep and vast as the sea and a lifetime is not enough to even explore a part of it.

The best part about teaching is that a tutor can keep learning till his very last breath. When someone needs to teach, he needs to seek out knowledge, organise information in a systematic manner, make sure there is logical flow to the concept and think about ways in which this can be conveyed effectively to target audience.

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Teaching can be challenging in so many ways, and that is why tutors can lose motivation when they get overwhelmed. It is important for teachers to stay motivated and love their job no matter what the hurdles maybe. That is the only way in which they can motivate the students that they teach.

Here are the reasons why a tutor needs to remain motivated, along with some tips that can be put to action to achieve this!

What is motivation?

Motivation is the ultimate driving force to get our tasks done. It helps us venture beyond our comfort zone and try new things and also enables us to grow and thrive. Without motivation, what would remain is just the compulsion of doing tasks reluctantly in the name of responsibility or duty.

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Students look up to tutors for motivation and tutors on the hand have to be their own biggest motivators. Motivation can stem from inspiration and thus teachers need to constantly surround themselves with sources of inspiration which will keep them going.

A change To The Teaching Style

The same old mundane teaching methods and strategies will bore you out and it would be challenging for stay awake during your classes too. To spare yourself and your students from this misery, changing up your teaching style is a great way to spar motivation. When you think of new ways to teach (such as flipped classroom, group presentations, debates, etc.), it will create a curiosity in you as to how you will make sure the class goes in smoothly with all of your students being engaged.

There are so many online learning platforms as well which can be made use of in order to make classes much organised and engaging. When you think about new and more innovative ways to conduct a lesson, it will keep you engaged in your work and interested in what you will do.

The Importance Of Education

Education is a gift that one has to cherish and be grateful for because many children around the world have no access to something as simple as this. Girls in some countries have to fight for their right to education and there are children living in war zones fearing about whether the next explosion might happen in their own house.

importance of education
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Tutors need to stay motivated and motivate their students to be enthusiastic learners because education is not just about getting a degree and finding the right job. It’s about becoming a wise, socially responsible individual who goes the extra mile to help those in need and to contribute to the society in as many ways as possible. Every child has a social responsibility and owes a great debt to the society that has raised them to become who they are.