The Importance Of Values and Virtues in an Intellect

In this day and age, no one really stops to think about the importance of holding on to values and virtues. Nor do parents realise the significance of teaching them to children to lead a life of righteousness and integrity. Many teachers and tuition teachers are truly concerned about the well-being of the society. It is ingrained in tutors minds that they have a huge responsibility in shaping the young so that they will eventually become successful leaders of the country. 

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What’s The Difference Between Values and Virtues? 

Values are your ideals the principles you stand by, and make use of in your decision-making process. You use them as a yardstick and it acts as your moral compass in your life. Virtues, on the other hand, are your convictions. It is how you demonstrate and display those values through your actions. Values is like the “theory” aspect and vitues are the “practical” part of one’s good intentions and actions. 

Why Does an Intellect Need to Be a Good Human Being?

Firstly, everyone needs to be a good human being; regardless of age, gender, and  socioeconomic status. It is hence the reason why schools have compulsory programs (such as civics and moral education lessons) within curiculum that teach simple values in interactive and creative ways. 

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A well-educated and smart individual who’s also unrighteous and lacking integrity would be an excellent robber or hacker. What went wrong in this case is that no one had taught him why it’s important to be a good person and use his knowledge for the greater good of humanity. 

Unfortunate circumstances and a cruel environment often cause humans to resort to violence and display other such uncivilised behavior. Even a person from an educated lineage may end up doing harm to the society when he or she decides to make a fortune out of others’ misery, simply because they are indifferent or ignorant about others’ sufferings. 

Compassion Is Crucial Compassion Is CrucialCompassion is crucial

When we look at every event in our lives with compassion, we can save ourselves from a whole lot of hatred, anger, jealousy, and resentment. Parents and tutors need to teach children about how to be compassionate and to empathise with others’ plight. If children learn to be empathetic from a young age, their actions and thoughts will become much more refined and matured. This will translate into great acts of service to the society in ways unimaginable. 

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Who Is a Righteous Intellect?Who Is a Righteous Intellect?WHO IS A RIGHTEOUS INTELLECT?

One should remain humble when seeing a spate of successes. At a lowest ebb, one should be reminded that it will pass by like a cloud. A truly intelligent person is not just all brains, but also wise in the way he carries himself and chooses to speak only when he knows his words will value-add to a conversation.

The righteous intellect will never relinquish his ethics for monetary gain and he despises the act of chumming up to the big shots to manipulate his way through to the top. He never buckles down under pressure and never lets adversity take the wind out of his sails.

One must understand that life is never a simple linear equation. It’s a sinusoidal curve filled with peaks and troughs that need to be accepted as equally with the same emotional state. There’s a lot of trouble and rewards along the journey from womb to tomb; what we learn from ups and downs reflects our character and shapes us as human beings!