Ways To Battle Negative Feelings

The main reason behind feeling negative and suffering from depressive disorders may vary for each and every person. Many children are suffering in silence, and they do not realise that they can seek help from their parents and tuition teachers. Students often brush their feelings under the carpet or seek help from their friends who are equally as confused as them.

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Here are some things to know about the correlation between the mind and the body, and ways in which negative feelings can be battled!


Most of us do not have the understanding that feeling sad is perfectly fine. We get anxious or unsettled when feelings of anxiety or depression kicks in. Instead of getting agitated, the first thing one must do is to accept and embrace that emotion. Tell yourself that it is perfectly fine to feel sad.

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Denial can lead to the feelings of sadness to persist unnecessarily, when it could be dealt with much earlier. Acceptance is the first step to putting a stop to such depressive feelings. Many also have the misconception that they are the only one feeling inadequate, sad or uncomfortable with everything that is going on in their lives. The truth is, everyone has their own battles to fight and avoiding hardships is inevitable.


Jealousy is a feeling that many of us have in our lives, but this is one of the biggest reasons for feelings of sadness to develop. A lack of gratitude, an unhealthy desire for what others possess, feelings of hatred for those who succeed and unhappiness upon others’ achievements are some of the factors that amalgamate into what we call as “jealousy”. It sounds horrible, but this is what goes on many of our minds to varying degrees.

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Feelings of jealousy automatically creates tension all over the body and it pushes the mind into a downward spiral, preventing it from thinking of anything close to positivity.


Many of us do not think about the consequences of an action in the heat of the moment when emotions like anger are at its peak. Man gets himself caught in a cycle of unintended actions, feelings of guilt and remorse, and spending time and effort in seeking redemption and showing contrition.

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Perhaps giving a second thought to every word before its spoken and every action before its committed can save us from undue feelings of guilt and everything that follows it. When emotions cloud our judgments, we tend to make mistakes which take a toll on our mind and body thereafter.


Those who are clinically diagnosed with depression might need to undergo pharmacological therapy, with the discretion of the physician. However, let’s not skip all the way to that. There are simpler ways to deal with this!

Here are some steps that can be taken:

  • Exercising regularly (This helps to release endorphins in the body)
  • Meditation
  • Writing down our thoughts and feelings in a journal
  • Counselling session with a psychiatrist (Psychotherapy)
  • Following a healthy diet
  • Being involved in a sport
  • Taking part in extra-curricular activities
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Everyone is skilled in something; each of us have duties to fulfil before we leave the face of this earth. When we realise that we have responsibilities and that we are important in our own unique way, we wouldn’t “sweat the small stuff” so to speak! For as long as we breathe, there is always something to be grateful for. Gratitude and humility are the two biggest saviours from feelings of depression and self-doubt.