Top 20 Math Tuition Options In Singapore

It is common knowledge that Singapore has a ‘tuition culture’ among its students and consequently, the parents of said students. After all, it’s only natural that parents want the best for their children and are willing to support any means to help better their education! 

Singaporeans rank 3rd worldwide when it comes to tuition spending, after parents from Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates. Additionally, most parents tend to spend during their child’s primary school years, in hopes to help them build a solid foundation before moving onto secondary and tertiary education.

One of the most common subjects that students get tuition for is mathematics! Mathematics can be a rather tricky subject (depending on which student you ask) given its highly analytical nature that requires a keen eye for detail. Thus, it does require quite some skill to master and is something that a lot of students end up struggling with.

It is no wonder that the demands for math tuition remain rather high! Especially now, given the situation brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, where most student learning has shifted online and some students might struggle to adapt. 

If you’ve clicked on this article, then you might be considering getting math tuition for yourself or for your children! This article aims to help breakdown the best 20 math tuition options, as well as the importance of math and why tuition for it would be highly beneficial!

The importance of math in our society 

Undeniably, math is considered a necessary fundamental skill for most school courses and work. For example, you can’t do science courses or work as an engineer without knowledge in math.

As such, most schools require students to take up math as a mandatory subject in order to ensure that their students would qualify for other common courses, subsequently prepping them for their future work as well.

Hence, students who are keen on entering universities or working in (primarily) the science and/or business fields would have to recognise the importance of math. 

Other than in studies and work, math also plays an extremely practical role in our day to day lives. For instance, while shopping, we have to employ our math skills to calculate the prices of things under a sale. Or, if you’ve just received your raw grades for all your tests, you have your skills to calculate your total score.

Thus, it has become evident that math is timelessly relevant and it stresses the importance of mastering it. Perhaps viewing math as the language of the universe could really help to give some struggling students in math some perspective and new appreciation of the subject! 

If its practical uses haven’t swayed you to understand the importance of math, recent studies also showed that students who perform better in math also perform better in cognitive tests! 

Math is a skill that requires us to use our analytic thinking and problem solving skills. It also helps to form the basis of systematic thinking that can be applied to our daily lives. 

Dr Tanya Evans of Stanford University mentioned that children who know math have greater grey matter in certain areas of their brains involved in decision making and visual attention compared to children who are poor in math. 

Why it would be beneficial to get Math Tuition

Contrary to popular belief, tuition is not something that only struggling students can benefit from. In fact, all students can benefit from it, no matter their current standing on any subject, and the same goes for math!

Students who might not be as strong at math might be able to use tuition as a means to build up their foundational understanding of the topic and clear up their misconceptions. On the other hand, students who already are relatively good at math may use tuition as a means to further add to their knowledge or use it as revision to maintain their good grades.

It all boils down to the type of learner the student might be and what kinds of tuition would be the most beneficial for them.

Grouped Tuition

As the name suggests, group tuition is held in classes with many other students. In this setting, the attention of the tutor is spread out among all the students. Typically, students who struggle significantly in a subject might not benefit as much from grouped tuition compared to home tuition (more on that later) because of the fact that the attention of the teacher is so spread out.

However, as mentioned before, it all depends on how the student learns best. Some students find it a lot better to learn in groups, among their peers. Since grouped tuition encourages peer discussions, students are able to learn not only from the tutor, but their classmates as well. This gives them the opportunity to learn from the common mistakes that most students tend to make and learn to avoid them for themselves. They may also learn about the clever tips and tricks that other students use and employ them for themselves as well.

Often, grouped tuition aims to teach students certain topics ahead of time to ensure that they would be able to sufficiently grasp the concepts when they are officially introduced to it in school! Hence, it might be helpful for some students who wish to stay ahead of others. 

Grouped tuition is also relatively easy to find, as they are often provided at your local community clubs as well, so it might be a good idea to check it out!

Thus, students who find that they learn best in a grouped setting might want to consider getting group tuition to help with their math.

Home Tuition

The great thing about home tuition is that the student need not worry about coming late to class or travelling time, as (most times) the tutor is the one coming over to teach at the convenience of the student! This helps to save them some time for studies instead of travelling to and fro, which can be helpful especially during examination periods.

In this one to one setting, the attention of the tutor during class is solely on the student, which allows ample time for the student to clarify their doubts effectively. It also helps to allow the teacher to really understand the kinds of struggles that the student might be facing in the subject and target it directly. Tutors may also liaise directly with parents to share feedback on the student’s performance and improvements. This is crucial in setting up a good support system involving the parents for the student during their educational journey! 

Additionally, since it is a one to one session, the classes are set at a pace the works for the student, and they need not worry if it is moving too fast or too slow (which is oftentimes the problem in grouped tuition). 

Thus, students who face some difficulty with the math subject might find this type of tuition to be much better. 

Top 20 Math Tuition Options

Now that you’ve understood the importance of math and the different types of math tuition, let us explore the various options to choose from!

Home Tuition

  • Nanyang Learning
  • BrightTutor Home 

Home tuition is also rather easy to source! All you have to do is visit the website for these specific agencies and source a home tutor from there. 

Grouped Tuition

MindChamps provides enrichment classes for primary school students in English, Chinese, Maths and Science. Their Primary Success Programme is guided by their Optimal Flow Method that helps students enhance their understanding of new concepts by linking them to previously gained knowledge.

Each lesson lasts 1 hour and 45 minutes and is spread out over 40 weeks per level. 

MindChamps also has locations all over Singapore which makes travelling to the tuition centres that much more convenient!

The Learning Lab offers tuition for students across all levels, from kindergarten to junior college! They offer tuition services for Additional Mathematics as well as H2 Mathematics.

They too, have many locations!

This tuition centre specialises in Junior College H2 math as well as Additional Mathematics and is located in the west in Bukit Gombak Neighbourhood Centre.

Address: 372 Bukit Batok Street 31, Block 372, Singapore 650372

The Maths Cafe offers both on site and online tuition and teaches secondary as well as JC math! At least 80% of the students enrolled end up scoring an A!

Address: 10 Eunos Road 8 Singapore Post Centre #01-207 Singapore 408600

The Maths Lab offers math tuition at the JC and O Levels as well as home tuition! They also have the following impressive track record!

  • 72% of our PSLE students got A* or A last year
  • 7 / 10 of our O-level students obtained a distinction (2020)
  • 5 / 10 of our A-level students got an ‘A’ (2020)
  • We hire only full-time teachers, many are 1st Class Honours (ask for our certs)
  • Our Syllabus aligns exactly with the MOE syllabus
  • Classrooms are fitted with HDTVs & Tablets for visualizations
  • We have a full library of practice papers from top schools

The Math Lobby focuses on teaching secondary school math and also offers both on site and online lessons.

Located in Coronation Shopping Plaza, this tuition centre stresses the CAPT M model for learning. Content, accessibility, practice, time conscious and mission driven! 

As of right now, on site lessons are not available, but Ace Physics and Maths still offers online tuition! 83% of their students have brought home A grades! 

Power Mathematics specialises in providing H2 Mathematics tuition and is located in Orchard Plaza. They too, have been nominated the number 1 Further Math tuition centre for 2 consecutive years!

Unlike other tuition centres, Brain Matter Tuition limits their class sizes to 5 students to ensure that the students have ample opportunity to get their problems clarified with the tutors. They are also big on parental feedback, to make sure that parents are well aware of their child’s performance!

Future Academy has branches in Bukit Timah and Bugis and focuses on teaching IP, JC, secondary and primary levels! Due to the COVID-19 situation, online lessons are also available.

The famous Kumon method encourages students to self learn, ensuring sustainability in their educational journey! Primary school students might be keen on signing up! 

  • Learner’s Lodge

Specialising in JC and IP mathematics for over 15 years, Learner’s Lodge has ensured that its students have been able to qualify for the local autonomous universities like NTU, NUS and SMU, as well as overseas Ivy League Universities! 

  • Good Maths Tutor

Charging less than half the amount of an experienced math tutor, Mr Yee of Good Maths tutor provides tuition that is cost effective without compromising on the quality of education! They also have a small class size of 4-5 to ensure optimal learning for secondary and primary school students.

Located in Serangoon, Apex Math Tuition Centre provides mathematics tuition for O Level students. On site classes are available at: Blk 326 Serangoon Avenue 3 #01-386 (Level 2, 550326)

  • Community Centres

As previously mentioned, many community centres also offer tuition at affordable prices that you might want to consider!