Pros & Cons Of Doing Singapore Math

Adaptation of the education system to suit the continuous progress (in terms of the world economy and globalisation) has become necessary in this day and age because that is the only successful way to churn out a talented and efficient workforce. Math is a fundamental subject and acts as the basis for numerous career options and forms the foundation of the corporate landscape. Hence this subject has been given much more emphasis in the education system in recent years.
Singapore Math is now known to be one that is difficult to excel in and students feel that there are many hurdles that they have to face. On top of all of this, they feel unequipped to deal with them too because they seem to lack the skill sets to handle the subject. Excelling in Mathematics is not impossible but it requires lots of time and persistence.

Singapore math

Source: De Montfort university

Students may often be concerned as to whether they should choose additional mathematics as one of their subjects when choosing their subject combinations in secondary school. This is a valid concern and students need to know the pros and cons of doing mathematics in order to make the right decision for themselves.

Here are some pros and cons of choosing to study mathematics as a subject…

Firstly, let’s take a look at the Pros…


The way math is generally taught is by laying down the basics, strengthening them and then building on top of that foundation. It basically follows the principle of knowing the root concepts and trains students to improve their accuracy in deriving the solutions. Math tutors will make sure no student will move forward until he or she is a master of the foundations of the subject content. Singapore education system takes this mastery method of teaching very seriously and thus schools have many ideas implemented to ensure this is being strictly followed. Hence this is one of the biggest advantages of studying Singapore mathematics; it teaches you the importance of laying down a strong base and working on from there.

Mathematics requires children to think deeply on many different levels to solve problems from a young age. This becomes second nature to them overtime when they are given a problem to solve and it becomes automatic for them to think of out-of-the-box solutions almost instantly. It is almost an immediate response that starts off from reading to analyzing, hypothesizing, testing and finally figuring out the answer. This enables them to have a good presence of mind and students will be able to tackle any situations and overcome challenges with ease.


We all know constantly practicing problem-solving for different mathematical concepts is essential and that is the only way to excel. Singapore’s education system has made it clear that students need this the general rule of thumb to follow in order to perform exceptionally well. This habit of practicing to hone skills and get better gets ingrained.

The more students fail and succeed and fail once again and succeed yet again, they will become stronger in their thinking and they eventually get better at solving problems by themselves. The habit of independent learning gets cultivated and students will realise that the strength is within them to overcome every hurdle they face.

Next, let’s take a look at the Cons…

Not everyone has an innate interest in mathematics and children may find mathematics to be an uninteresting subject in general. In that case, learning mathematics can become a burden and students may develop hatred towards the subject or dislike anything related to it. This is a disadvantage indeed and hence it is that much more important that students get the right math tutor to guide them and help them get good grades in the subject.


Results don’t appear suddenly out of anywhere. It takes time for effort and hard work to manifest itself in the form of good results. Hence, it is of paramount importance to maintain calmness and remain persistent in pursuit of good results. The waiting process may seem frustrating but nothing comes easy and instantaneously for sure.

Yes, there are indeed pros and cons to doing mathematics but in the broader sense, there is so much more to the brighter side and students shouldn’t fear to take this subject up. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages indeed. Seeking help the right way and asking the right questions will help you succeed!