Teaching Fundamental And Learning Aspect Of Singapore Math

You must be wondering what the big deal is when it comes to Singapore mathematics. Well, yes, there is a big deal! Let’s find out what it’s all about…

What’s so special about Singapore Mathematics?

Learning Singapore Math
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Singapore math teaching model is being utilized in many institutions across the globe, even in the United States and Britain. Textbooks based were used as a trail in 70 British primary schools by the Department for Education over two years. A research study had then found that they were effective in helping children build their foundations well and understand the subject better.

The real catch…

Singapore education has always made it a point to refine its books in order to suit the everchanging corporate landscape and hence students are always kept up-to-date and this makes them smart and fresh graduates ready to contribute to the competition in the working world.

So, how are Math tutors in Singapore?

Mathematics Tutor in Singapore
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Singapore math tutors always prepare students to be critical thinkers and to stay ahead of the curve. The Ministry of Education of Singapore places much emphasis on Mathematics as it offers various career options and plays a significant role in the progress of a country’s development in many aspects. Tutors follow many strategies to train their students in order to get that ‘A’ grade!


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Singapore’s education system emphasizes that teachers train their students under a mastery method for mathematics as this ensures that concepts are strengthened through repeated practice. The exposure to different types of questions and getting used to critical thinking will give rise to confidence to a student after lots of practice. Singapore math tutors also make it a point to break big concepts into smaller portions so that it is easier for understanding.


Consistency is the key! Sometimes students convince themselves that attempting a mock paper every week is enough practice. The practice has to be frequent and consistent; which is important for reinforcement of memory. Students need to be fully equipped with enough resources to practice and to hone their skills. School tutors and math private tutors also follow this rule because this is one of the keys to succeeding in mathematics.


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Success doesn’t come easy and everyone knows this; but no one is ready to accept this fact. This is an important characteristic that is needed in order to succeed in Singapore Mathematics. It should also be understood that mastering this challenging subject takes lots of time.

When tutors reassure and reinforce this fact, as well as encourage their students to practice this virtue, students will automatically pick this characteristic up and it will help them to a great extent. This understanding is what will keep them going and motivate them till the last lap.


A tutor’s specialized guidance gives a sense of companionship and happiness while learning and it rids the feeling of being lonely. In students’ academic journey, good tutors will support them at every step of the way no matter what happens. They are there to encourage their students to rise from failures with courage, and to celebrate their students’ every accomplishment. This keeps students motivated and it makes the journey so much easier!