The Tricks To Excelling In General Paper

General paper is one of the most feared subjects among junior college students in Singapore. Most students would opt for General paper tuition out of desperation to help themselves, but the common mistake done by students is seeking this help at the very last minute. Students who have undergone English tuition will have a brief idea of how challenging General paper can be. The strategies to excel in this subject can vary for each person; one trick may not work the same for another person.


So, here are some tips and tricks that can be used to excel in General paper!


To excel in anything in life, it is important to try to love what we do, even if it’s a task that seems to be daunting. General paper is not a subject that everyone would like in the first shot. It takes time to get used to the expectations of tutors and demands of the subject. Moreover, what’s most important is for a good tutor to guide students through the nuances of the subject.

The subject may seem too complex at times, however, with the guidance of a good tutor, students will be able to grasp the nuances and be able to excel with plenty of practice.


Challenges are part and parcel of everyone’s life. Doing well in academics has its own challenges and these would vary in different ways for every subject. Some subjects can be much more easily handled than others. Whereas some subjects might need more attention and a little more guidance.

Instead of being in denial, students need to be able to accept their flaws and do the necessary to overcome those shortcomings. Students need to be proactive to make some improvements.


When students transition from secondary school to junior college, often there are some expectations that they carry along with them about the subject. General paper is not just merely an extended version of the English paper in secondary school.

Students need to be more worldly wise and be aware of current affairs, history and develop their emotional intelligence as well to write convincing argumentative essays. Summarising skills are essential to score well in areas like application questions as well.


All good comes to those who wait. It is impossible to expect to see results out of a sudden. With a subject like general paper, it takes exceptionally long to see some improvement because unlike math or science, this subject is not about memorising or application of theoretical concepts to solve problems.

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One needs to be able to practice tirelessly, repeatedly. And in every round of practice, one needs to be able to spot the mistakes that are made and try their very best to rectify them. Patience is something that cannot be learnt in a day or two. It is a virtue that can only be cultivated through years of experience and practice!