A-Maths vs. E-Maths: Strategies to Help Students Succeed in both subjects

The general opinion about Mathematics

Math is widely known to be a complex subject for many students, and there are numerous reasons why this is the case. Math in the junior college level is known to be extremely challenging and additional mathematics is still feared by many students. One main factor that makes math so challenging is its complex nature. For example, it involves,

  • problem-solving
  • analytical thinking
  • logical reasoning
  • conceptual understanding

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A student must have a solid foundation in these areas to effectively understand and retain new mathematical concepts. It is truly a challenge for tutors to prepare students to ensure that they do not make careless mistakes, have a strong foundation, and answer confidently to the questions posed in examinations.

In addition, maths requires a great deal of practice and repetition to master. Students must continually review material to truly internalize and apply it effectively. This can be incredibly daunting when learning complex concepts such as calculus or trigonometry.
It also requires solid math skills, making it difficult for some students to develop independently.

Additional and Elementary mathematics

The Additional Mathematics (A-Maths) syllabus in Singapore often presents an additional challenge due to its expanded scope compared to secondary school syllabuses like Elementary Mathematics (E-Maths).
A-Maths contains more advanced topics that require students to thoroughly understand the basics before progressing to higher levels.

Elementary mathematics

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For all these reasons, it is essential for students who wish to excel in math to seek out extra help from experienced maths tutors or tuition centres that specialize in Additional Mathematics. Sufficient practice and a firm grounding in concepts are needed.

By finding professional assistance, students can access comprehensive teaching materials covering all aspects of Additional Maths and personalized guidance that helps them stay on top of their studies and maintain their motivation.

Ways for Improvement

In order to improve their math grades, students need to take a comprehensive approach that combines regular practice, attending A-Maths or E-Maths classes, receiving additional help from experienced tutors, and setting achievable goals.

Prioritizing mathematical concepts for further study is also important, as understanding why certain topics are more difficult and devoting extra practice time to those areas.


Regular practice is essential for mastering mathematical concepts and improving grades. This can be done by completing additional practice problems outside of school or tuition sessions, as well as asking questions in class and staying on top of course material.

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It also helps if students create a personalised study plan that sets specific goals they want to achieve within a certain timeframe. Deeper math concepts can only be understood by proper mathematical reasoning, higher-order thinking skills, and mathematical skills, which can only be mastered through proper guidance from a math tutor.


Attending A-Maths or E-Maths classes is another key factor in improving math grades. These courses allow students to go through all topics in detail to gain an in-depth understanding of the subject matter. Taking up math tuition can go a long way in helping students realise their knowledge gaps and be able to patch them up without struggling all by themselves.


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Additional help can be obtained from qualified maths tutors who can provide tailored instruction based on their individual needs and help them identify areas where they struggle most with problem-solving strategies.


Finally, it’s crucial for students to stay motivated throughout their studies by setting achievable yet challenging goals that will keep them motivated over the long term. Setting small goals like learning one new concept each day or completing ten practice problems each week can ultimately lead to better mathematics grades in the end!


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Exam questions can be complex and training oneself to meet that standard can be pressuring. The metacognitive skills and complexity in some topics in additional math can be scary.


The kind of prerequisite that is needed for entering courses like medicine in top universities is straight As. This means students need to perform excellently in both e math and A maths in O levels and in A levels.

critical thinking

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The math syllabus in junior college may seem intimidating, but students must do well in pre-university education to smooth the journey through tertiary education. Maintaining good scores in math exams highly depends on how students are taught in school and in tuition.
Good E math and A math tutors will be able to fine-tune their teaching methods to meet the needs of each student!


It may seem as though mathematics is a nightmare but its an enjoyable subject that students can excel in, given that they have the right guidance through their secondary school and junior college! Excellent E math and A math tutors are always available all through Singapore in some of the best tuition agencies in Singapore!