List Of Best Preschools In Singapore

Singapore parents are constantly concerned about which school they should send their children to. Every parent wants the best possible education for their child. This is the reason why parents ensure that they pick the best preschool, primary school, secondary school, junior college and so on, to ensure that the best is offered. Parents know that they want the best for their child, but they won’t be sure how to go about choosing.

Fast-track education

The biggest advantage of fast-track learning is that, students have a heads-up as to what they can see in future lessons in class. This is the precise reason why parents prefer to enrol their kids in tuition and enrichment classes from a young age. With a greater familiarity, students would feel less intimidated about the subjects or topics encountered. When something seems familiar, or when learning something for a second or third time, everything would seem much easier than it really is.

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This is why parents prefer a “fast-track education” whereby children find it easier to grasp concepts and be able to apply their knowledge in various ways. Being in the best schools is not about being elite, privileged or flaunting that one is smart, etc. It is all about surrounding oneself in the best learning environment. A great learning environment is never deprived of inspiration and motivation all around. This is absolutely essential for any student to succeed in what they set their heart on.

So, here is a list of preschools here in Singapore which are great options for students to enrol in!

Star-learners child care

Star Learners is absolutely different from most child cares as there is a literature-based curriculum. This ensures that children are allowed to explore everything that is around them in an uninhibited fashion. There is room for creativity and this opens up various opportunities for them to find out what kind of likes and dislikes they have.

The curriculum is all-encompassing, with lots of essential skills weaved in. Students will be taught problem-solving, creative thinking and critical thinking. Moreover, they will be taught the importance of interpersonal skills and communication skills as well.

The key aspects of the curriculum

  • Starbeam Framework ensures holistic development of children.
  • The literature-based curriculum is absolutely unique.
  • Children’s literature is hand-picked and introduced in education in an engaging manner.
  • The curriculum aims to break the bubble that children are in, and open them up to the realities of the world around them.
  • Children are encouraged to be critical thinkers through telling them stories and getting them to reflect on the morals hidden within them.
  • The hands-on approach enables children to participate in active learning.

Blue House International

Blue House International ensures that the traditional learning and teaching methods are put into practice. In this day and age where the advent of technology is greatly used in the area of academics, traditional methods of learning are not incorporated as much. Traditional mode of learning sparks curiosity in a child, and this enables parents and tutors to find out what their child are good at.

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Realising the true potential of a child is absolutely important as each and every child is gifted with a talent which is unique. This enables students to gain confidence of themselves and be interested in learning always.

The key aspects of the curriculum

  • Proprietary Starbeam™ Framework
  • Playgroups
  • drop in sessions
  • Documentation of the progress that children make

Brighton Montessori

This focuses entirely on the individuality of every student. The programme ensures that curriculum is spot-on in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of a child. This is an important aspect of learning as teaching can then be tailored to meet the needs of each and every child. Programs including pre-nursery, nursery, and kindergarten are all available and they take each child’s growth very seriously.

Every class is a tight-knit group and the curriculum consist of subjects that ensures that the basics are conveyed with clarity to build a strong foundation.

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The key aspects of the curriculum

  • Distinct and proprietary Starbeam™ Fra
  • Practical life skills lessons
  • Sensorial exercises
  • Culture studies

Among the many schools out there, you can find the best preschools in Singapore ! The perfect schools out there are the ones that care about your child’s values, emotional wellbeing, all in one!