Different Types Of Tuition Available For PSLE English

PSLE is an important checkpoint for students in Singapore.  The primary reason why so much of pressure is being put on this examination is because it influences which track students choose to walk on and it also determines what kind of learning environment, they will put themselves in.

Students seek help from tuition agencies in Singapore; many opt for even online tuition these days. The times have changed and tuition has become almost a necessity for every student to perform well in their examinations. Moreover, English is a challenging subject that many students struggle with. There is hence a high demand for English tutors, now more than ever.

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Here are the kind of tuition options available for PSLE students for English subject!

Firstly, students can choose to hire a home tutor. Home tuition has its advantages and disadvantages. Home tuition is very convenient for the student. The student does not have to waste any time and effort in travelling and can learn in the comfort of his or her own room which will be a familiar environment for them.

Studying in a familiar environment can greatly help in making learning more efficient. Home tuition also ensures that the student is given undivided attention from the tutor. Lessons can be modified by the tutor and be made more personalised and effective for the student.

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The student also has more control over the pace and difficulty of the lesson. However, at the same time, home tuition is generally a lot more expensive than other forms of tuition. This may be a problem for students who are financially disadvantaged. Moreover, since home tutoring is one to one, students who are more social and prefer more interaction will not find it enjoyable and would prefer having other students with them.

Secondly, students can enrol in a tuition centre. The learning experience in a tuition centre will generally be very different from home tuition. Lessons in tuition centres are held in smaller groups as compared to school classrooms but are almost never one to one. Having a smaller class size makes it more comfortable for students to ask questions without feeling like they are disrupting the class.

Moreover, they will also be able to benefit from the questions asked by other students in the class which is not possible for home tuition. The main reason why tuition centres are chosen over home tuition is due to the interaction that students can have with other students. Peer learning is something that can be very useful and also happens very naturally in the setting of a tuition centre.

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Students can help each other based on their strengths and weaknesses. Well established tuition centres also have skilled tutors with useful study materials which is very useful for PSLE English. The main disadvantages are that students do not have much control over the time, place and pace of the lessons.

Thirdly, COVID-19 has recently made online lessons much more popular and viable. Online tuition provides much more flexibility as compared to both the options mentioned above. Since neither party has any problems with travel time, lessons can be arranged at any time of the day, no matter how early or late.

There are many platforms that students and teachers can use to conduct the lessons and allow tutors to utilise useful online tools to make the lessons more interesting and fun. Some students find it easier to concentrate on and follow lessons when they are conducted online as they are used to using their electronic gadgets.

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The main problem with online lessons is the equipment required for students to have to attend the lesson. Students require a device that is able to run the online platform smoothly, able to connect to a stable internet connection, has a working camera and microphone and many other requirements that may be too expensive.

Fourthly, they are tutors who specialise in teaching for PSLE and conduct PSLE preparation classes. These tutors maybe home tutors, be in tuition centres or even conduct online lessons. However, they are different from the tutors mentioned above due to this specialisation. As their specialisation suggests, these tutors are known to help students produce the results that they want.

Their teaching style and homework are designed to help students perform well for their PSLE. However, this type of tuition provides the least flexibility and freedom for students. The time, pace, difficulty and study materials are all predetermined which may not be ideal for many students.

They may feel like they are not learning as efficiently under this setting. Moreover, these classes are also generally the most expensive out of the types mentioned in this article.

In conclusion, there is no right or wrong way; you need to figure out what works for you and choose the best option for yourself!