Studies + Sports = A better Future!

To lead the world in the true sense of it, it is important to get excellent scores in studies and sports, both. It is not that easy, but yes it is not impossible. National player Isabelle Li proves it once again that a perfect balance between games and learning can help you achieve everything.

Singapore’s little master wins the IM title

Take at glance at Singapore’s world rankings in the last ten years, it can be seen clearly that the numbers have just gone up through the years. Be it the education where they have mastered not just the mathematics Olympiads but have also led their universities among the top ranks. From science to sports they have just become jack of all trades. Taking a look at statistics even, GDP has gone up from the past few years leading a growth of the overall economy. Since Singapore is a hub for large sports, they have not just kept it for leisure purposes but have mastered in it as well.

5 Top reasons proving Singapore’s headship in education!

When it comes to education, Singapore is a sure shot winner. The Singaporean students have produced excellent academic results and they pursue excellent careers. It is the combined effort of the citizens and the government, who are constantly working on the reforms of the education system. They always tend to devise new ways to make it more flexible and assure quality education.

Music: The need vaccination for Brain

Have you ever noticed how some kids are able to naturally remember even the most boring details, and can quickly grasp new things and detail; and you just wish your kid could do the same. Well, our brain is such a complex organ and how each area of this vital organ operates is still somewhat of a mystery. According to the Society for Neuroscience, playing a musical instrument is associated with numerous neural processes that continuously modify the human brain and facilitate with auditory skills.