How Can Students Prepare For The Upcoming PSLE Exams?

As PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination) comes around the corner, students get anxious and stressed about the big exam. It is a huge deal and pretty much a milestone for students. It is the exam which determines which secondary school students get into, and that determines the kind of scope and opportunities students will achieve in their secondary school education journey.

psle exam

There are numerous private tuitions in Singapore which provides tutoring services for PSLE students and it is indeed of great help. This is often the top choice for most students. With the increased demand for PSLE tuition, more tutors are taking up tuition assignments.

Let’s take a look at the ways in which students can prepare well for their PSLE!        


Each subject has its own ups and downs. For a subject like English, students need to be able to expand their vocabulary bank and ensure their writing is grammatically accurate. For mathematics, it’s all about effective problem-solving and precision. For sciences, students need to demonstrate their knowledge of scientific concepts by applying them while answering questions, using the right scientific terminology.


The approach to doing well for each subject is different. In order to conquer each and every subject, students need to use different study methods and learning techniques to do well. Should there be doubts, students can feel free to seek the help of their tuition teachers for the respective subjects.


Before every exam, it is important to set a schedule and think about how you would want to tackle every subject. Students can cultivate this habit over time (since it is not easy to prepare an exam schedule out of a sudden; this takes a lot of practice), by trying to create exam schedules for their mid-year assessments or major class tests.

How can one create an exam schedule?

You need to start this work the moment your exam dates are released. Say your exams are in the month of October, you can print out calendars for the month of September and October. You need to fill in exactly how each subject will be tackled over the two months, up till the beginning of exams.

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You need to make sure that your plan is detailed and thorough; planning should not be vague. This gives you the clarity and shows you the bigger picture as to how studying approach would be on the whole.


Primary school students have a short attention span and this is one of the main reasons which long study sessions do not work out for them. As opposed to sitting through 5 hours of continuous study session, this can be broken down into 30-minute or 20-minute study session, which makes the learning process much easier.

study session

Students can better internalise what they are learning and it enables them to recall that information when needed as well.


Mental health takes precedence over everything. Students need to have a good mental health in order to study effectively. Stressing over an examination over a long period of time can compromise the effectiveness of study sessions and the performance in exams as well. You need to be able identify when your mind has become exhausted in order to take breaks when necessary.


Tuition is the secret behind top scorers’ achievements. Parents should encourage their students to voice their concerns as that is the only way to problem-solve. Tuition teachers have the expertise and knowledge to guide students to achieve good results even within a short period of time. The biggest advantage of tuition is the customised teaching that students get!