The Mechai Bamboo School

The Mechai Bamboo School-A unique way to educate children

The concept of Bamboo School basically is for the rural and poor children who want to get education but are incapable of going to a better school for some or the other reasons. The Bamboo School is an innovation that begins with all school acquisitions, procurements and assessments all by students themselves. Even the selection of incoming students and teacher, community related services and other activities related to student businesses are also the work of students.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Over-Education is not good for the generation next!

Education is very important in a country’s growth. From years there have been several debates, conferences, etc. for solidifying the roots of education all across the world. But, Mr. Taleb (a famous aouthor), thinks in another way. He agrees to the point education helps to preserve wealth. But, too much education removes entrepreneurs from the system, turning them to bureaucrats. Find out, what reasons he give for this.